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Call of the Wolf 2: Desired by Wolves by Diane LeyneCall of the Wolf 2: Desired by Wolves by Diane Leyne
Series: Call of the Wolf #2
Published by Siren Genres: Erotic Paranormal Romance, Erotica, Paranormal Romance
Pages: 138
Format: eBook
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Veterinarian Lena Windsor grew up expecting to be mated to shape-shifter Alex James and his brothers, Joe and Will, when she finished university, but when military vet Alex leaves the three of them behind to re-enlist, she builds a new life for herself, eventually coming home to take over her fathers' practice in Harmony, where she reconciles with Joe and Will. One day, Lena begins to suspect that someone has been prowling around her house while she's at work and uses a nanny cam to find the culprit. She's shocked to see a very changed Alex, who is
dealing with a severe war injury by bonding, in wolf-dog form, with the stray dog she adopted who has a similar injury. She'd never turn away an injured animal, not even when he's also the man who broke her heart. Can she help him to heal without falling in love with him again?

Call of the Wolf 2: Desired by Wolves by Diane Leyne is an excellent paranormal romance. I enjoyed reading it immensely. Call of the Wolf 2: Desired by wolves is Alex, Joe, Will and Lena’s story. I enjoyed all the characters and the storyline in Call of the Wolf 2: Desired by Wolves. The more I read by this author the more I want to read. Diane Leyne knows how to hook a reader in she never lets them go.

Lena grew up knowing who she would love for the rest of her life. She was supposed to be mated with Alex, Joe and Will. She has accepted this and even loves all her future mates. When Alex leaves to serve the country she leaves to go to school. She always figured that when she was done the four of them would live out their happily ever after but that didn’t happen. Alex kept reenlisting in the armed forces. Over time she accepted the fact that she has been rejected by Alex. She still loves Joe and Will and they are tied together even if Alex isn’t. However, she refuses to be with them on a full moon. She avoids them because they can’t fully bond without Alex there because he is their Alpha. When she finds out that he is hanging out around her place she is infuriated, until she realizes that he wounded and the depth of those wounds. She realizes that he isn’t just hurt physically but that there is more to it than that. She will do anything to help him, but could she give him her heart again? Or would she continue on the way she has?

Alex thought he knew what was best for Lena and his brothers. That is why he left to serve the country across seas. He didn’t want to hold Lena back. He wanted her to be able to follow her dreams, and that is something she would not have been able to do if he stayed behind. He had not counted on getting wounded, and he most certainly had not expected to go back home that way. He was avoiding everyone Lena included. He loved her but he knew there was no way that she could accept him now in his current condition. He wasn’t the Alpha he should be. He is very aware of her but he can’t face her rejection so he continues to hide. When she finds him at her house playing with her dog she sees that he is wounded. It seems, to him, that she is willing to go the extra mile to help him. Is that because she loves him? Or out of pity? He could not stand it if she pitied him. Is he willing to get past his insecurities to find out? Or will he continue to be the wounded solider he is?

Joe and Will have waited long enough to mate with Lena. They have been patient, especially since Alex has been gone for so long. Now that he is back in town they are determined to make it happen. It is what is supposed to be and they have suffered long enough. They know that she loves them and that they love her. They are even sure that Alex loves her too, even if he continues to “run away” from her. They are hatching a plan to make sure they will all be one during the next full moon. When Alex begins to come out of his shell they are hopeful. They even think it is because of Lena. Will they be able to solidify their bond and be joined together as one? Or will they be disappointed once again?

I could not put Call of the Wolf 2: Desired by Wolves down. Once I started I was unable to pull myself away from Alex, Joe, Will, and Lena. I really liked Alex. He was a good character because he loved Lena enough to let her do her thing. I do think that there was a little selfishness in hi selflessness though. Especially once he returned. Lena was an interesting character as well. The fact that she was able to show Alex compassion even after he left her showed her character. I found Will and Joe to be enjoyable as well. I love that they were plotting to get their way. I think that all four of them worked well together. The plot was easy to follow and well written. I would highly recommend Call of the Wolf 2: Desired by Wolves to anyone who enjoys paranormal romances especially ones with hunky werewolves that know how to please.