Christmas Cowboy by Ruth D. KerceChristmas Cowboy by Ruth D. Kerce
Series: Reindeer Games
Published by Other Genres: Romance
Pages: 46
Format: eBook
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Chaz breeds horses, but Cherry's saddled him with a herd of reindeer. She knows Chaz can successfully breed and sell the reindeer, if he'll only believe.

Chaz would far rather be with her. She's one sexy handful. With Christmas near, both fantasies may just come true and maybe they'll find their own happily-ever-after along the way.

Reindeer Games: Christmas Cowboy is a delightful Christmas story by Ruth D. Kerce. I really enjoyed Chaz and Cherry’s story. It was a lot of fun. I have never read this author before but I would pick up another book by her. I liked her writing style and the flow of her story. I love a good Christmas story and Reindeer Games: Christmas Cowboy was a cute one.

Chaz and Cherry have been friends for years and now she is back in town and has offered to help procure some horses for him. He gives her money and tells her what he is looking for. When she returns excited by her find he isn’t so thrilled. She didn’t get horses but reindeer. What is he supposed to do with them? She is convinced that he can be successful if he would open his mind to the opportunities. The more time the two of them spend together the more they realize their chemistry is undeniable. Will he be able to convince her to stay? Or will one or both of them end up heartbroken.

I love Christmas stories and Reindeer Games: Christmas Cowboy is added to a long list of Christmas favorites. I really enjoyed the dynamics between Chaz and Cherry. They were a cute couple and totally meant for each other. I also enjoyed the reindeer aspect to the story as well. I thought it was cute that they named the biggest and strongest one Rudolph. I will probably reread this story next year because it was so cute. I would recommend Reindeer Games: Christmas Cowboy to those who enjoy a good holiday romance.