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Dirty Girl by Jenika SnowDirty Girl by Jenika Snow
Series: Inked #2
Published by Evernight Publishing Genres: Contemporary Romance, Erotica
Pages: 78
Format: eBook
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Booshie, the vice president of The Vicious Bastards MC, wants Naggie in the filthiest of ways, but she is taken and off-limits. So, he backs off, and knows that this is one of the rare times he won't get what he wants.
Naggie Conner is wild, speaks her mind, and is covered in ink. That is her life and she's happy with who she is. When she catches her boyfriend in bed with the town tramp, she doesn't hold back her anger.

A girls night out seems like the perfect therapy to put her ex behind her. But a night of drunken abandon ends up with her going home with Booshie. Being with the alpha biker is exactly how she envisioned: untamed, explosive, and addictive. But Booshie doesn't want just one night with Naggie, and he is not the type of man to be denied.

I always get excited to read a new release by Jenika Snow because I know that I’m going to be reading an entertaining book. Ms. Snow has never let me down and that was certainly the case with Dirty Girl, the second book in the Inked series. I sat down to read and found myself so engrossed in the story that before I knew it, I had reached the ending of another satisfying story.

Dirty Girl is about the beginning of the relationship between tattoo artist Naggie and bad boy Booshie. We meet both of these characters in the first book Inked where I first fell in love with Booshie. While he may come across as a scary, badass guy, underneath Booshie has a sweet and caring side, so I was very happy to see him meet a woman who was a good match for him.

Naggie is an awesome woman who is independent, smart and sassy. When she catches her boyfriend cheating on her, she rips into him and the tramp and I couldn’t help myself from cheering her on. Drowning her sorrow and anger in booze, she runs into the man that she has been secretly attracted to, Booshie.

Booshie has wanted Naggie for awhile, but his honor code doesn’t let him go after a taken woman. But once he realizes she is single, all bets off. He takes her home for some hot and wild sex that leaves him wanting more than a one night stand.

Dirty Girl is a quick read coming in at only 78 pages but Ms. Snow has packed a lot into those pages. We had already learned about Naggie and Booshie’s personalities in the first book, but their characters were really fleshed out in this book. I felt that I understand them and how their pasts drove their current behaviors. Both of them came across as believable and authentic. I appreciated that despite the fact they jumped into bed together, their relationship actually progressed at a realistic pace and Ms. Snow did not create an “insta-love” situation.

Speaking of their jumping into bed. . . OMG, the sex in this book is off-the-charts hot. I could practically hear the sizzling coming through my e-reader. Their sexual adventures were just as wild as their personalities and exactly what I have come to expect from Ms. Snow’s MC books.

Dirty Girl has a happy for now ending and that’s perfectly fine because I expect that we will get more of Naggie and Booshie’s story in future books in the Inked series. I love how Ms. Snow always continues storylines of my favorite characters in other books so that I don’t have to say goodbye just yet. Now I will just have to somehow wait patiently for the next installment, but you can be assured that I will be reading the next one. After all, not many things in life are guaranteed but enjoying a Jenika Snow book falls into that small category.