Fated for Sacrifice by Claire Ashgrove is the fifth book in the Inherited Damnation series. Because of that issue alone, I was a little leery about reading this story. But as I got into the storyline, I realized that Fated for Sacrifice can most definitely be read as a stand alone novel.

When Reese Hamilton is abandoned in the snow-laden woods, she must find her way to Dáire McLaine’s cabin—a friend she’s known for years, and the man who makes her pulse triple. Little does she know that a cozy night in the woods will lead to passion they both have been longing to explore. But with the new change in their relationship comes something darker and more terrifying, and Reese must confront danger, even death, before she can be free to love. Dáire McLaine will do anything to escape his demonic blood and attain mortality, even if that means defying nature’s laws and manipulating Reese’s thoughts for his own means. But when he delves into her hidden secrets, the staggering emotion he encounters makes it impossible to deny the forbidden longings of his own heart. He’s yearned for Reese over the years. Yet to love Reese will demand the ultimate sacrifice—his life

Reese Hamilton has harbored a five year crush on her friend and almost neighbor Daire McLaine. The only problem is that she already is committed to another man, or at least she thinks she is. After getting left in the woods by her supposed boyfriend after they have yet another fight, Reese sets out to find shelter through Daire. What Reese doesn’t expect to find is an ancient scroll with that unknowingly to Reese, holds the key to an evil demons ultimate destruction.

Finding Reese huddled in front of a fire in the old cabin was almost more than Daire could handle. He’s longed for this woman, for over five years now, but his demonic curse has always halted him from falling for this woman. If he does let his heart go to her, he may be required to sacrifice his immortality, especially if he uses any of his other powers on her, such as manipulating her to do things with only a thought. It’s against his kinds rules to use his powers against a mortal, but since Reese holds the last piece of the puzzle to ending his evil fathers life, he realizes that the only way to convince her of what’s happening is to use his mind control after all.

The connection between this pair is threatening to burn out of control, and neither one of them can seem to stay away from the other. But with danger also threatening Reese, will she accept the impossible that is Daire, or will the almost impossible secrets that Daire holds only drive them apart, preventing them from the one thing they both long for? That one thing being true love … with one another.

I highly enjoyed reading about the relationship between Reese and Daire. Their connection was passionate and the love that formed between them was very believable. Reese was a down to earth woman, both simple and sweet. She’s got a great love for others, and insists on helping everyone who needs help. I was intrigued with her bravery at the end of the story, and wanted to reach in the pages of Fated for Sacrifice and give the lady a high five for her take charge, fix the problem kind of attitude. I also was beyond intrigued with Daire. He’s that sexy mysterious kind of man with whom you can’t stop sighing over. He’s protective towards everyone in his family, especially Reese, and he will greatly sacrifice himself for those he loves.

Overall, I felt that Fated for Sacrifice was a spicy and action-packed novel with a little bit of something for everyone. With it’s intense intimate moments between the main characters, leading to the evil villain threatening the hero’s love, I was never, ever bored. I love paranormal romances, and Fated for Sacrifice was the perfect little novella to keep me on my toes with wondering what exactly what was to come next. I highly recommend Fated for Sacrifice, and I definitely feel that readers will not want to miss this fantastic and well-written read.