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Hello Amy LeBlanc. Thank you to taking the time to stop by. I am honored to have you here.

To start would you mind telling the readers a little about yourself?

Thanks Marissa! It’s wonderful to be here! I am a stay at home mom of two, ex-librarian and wife to a very patient man.

What can you tell us about your novella Dark Rogue?

Kiera Rowan has led a quiet life, as one of the immortal SpellKeepers, her life is dedicated to the preservation of magical knowledge until the day one unspeakable act of violence rips her world apart. With her sister murdered by a savage rogue wolf and one of the Books of Power missing Keira must cross frozen landscape in a desperate bid to bring her sister’s killer to justice.

Haunted by his past, Bastian Mallek has abandoned his pack in the desperate pursuit of the wolf that murdered his mate. Broken and alone, his life threatens to spin dangerously out of control, until the day when the hauntingly beautiful witch offers him the key to his own salvation-the destruction of the murderous rogue but first he must regain control his own dark impulses and put aside his growing hunger for Kiera.

What makes the characters in Dark Rogue stand out? Tell us a little about the main characters.

Keira’s life

I love the idea of “Magical Librarians” and set about writing Keira as someone who has cloistered herself away trying to gain control over this very powerful, very dangerous set of books. She takes her job very seriously and when one of the books is stolen she knows that she has to get it back no matter what the cost.

Bastian Mallek has also cut himself off from the world, but for different reasons. He was the one who expelled the rogue from the pack and has paid dearly for it. He is also dangerously close to losing himself in hunting the rogue on his own for so long, his life at this point basically boils down to hunting, drinking and finding a warm body to sleep with. Bastian never knows what hits him when Keira finds him and asks for his help.

You also have a story in the Believe Christmas anthology from Turquoise Morning Press. What can you tell us about that story?

My story for the Believe Christmas Anthology, entitled Second Hand Horses is a very simple, sweet tale of two people coming together to save a dying horse the night before Christmas Eve. It is the story of Veterinarian Emily Morgan and Ben Avery who runs an American Quarter Horse Rescue. Emily has returned to her hometown to help her grandfather out the animal clinic and finds that most of the people in town would rather not have “that girl vet” looking after their animals. Ben is the only one in town who places his trust in her and she, in turn, finds someone she can believe and depend on.

There is also a rumor that you signed a contract with Sapphire Nights (a branch of Turquoise Morning Press) for a couple erotica novellas, can you tell us anything about that?

Well, that is actually very much true. I have been contracted for four releases; one stand alone entitled Eating Cake, about a wedding cake designer who becomes part of a M/F/M ménage and a separate three book continuity Dinner for two, Tell Me What You Want and A Perfect Stranger which will be released early summer 2011. They are the stories of three friends who find their lives forever changed when they throw a dinner party. Each woman decides to bring “the perfect man” for a friend. My heroines are all women in their thirties who have been through some sort of person tragedy and are looking for a life beyond those experiences.

When did you know that you wanted to be a writer? Was your family and friends supportive?

The day I knew I wanted to be a write, this is actually a true story, was the day my sister told me that I was born on Emily Dickenson’s birthday. I know that to most people it might seem like a silly reason but to me it opened up something. I liked the idea of being a solitary writer, hammering out angsty poems and hiding them under my bed until I was one day discovered. Fortunately for me I grew out of, very badly written, poetry stage and realized that not only could writing be fun but I could also share it with other people. My family has always been extremely supportive. I think they realized early on that I my imagination was very out of control so I think they were relieved when I found a way to harness it.

Who inspired you the most to follow your dreams of being a writer?

I would have to say that my husband, Andy was the one person who kept after me to write. He reminded me daily that it was the one thing I always wanted to do, he bought me my first laptop, emptied out a room in our house and built me a desk.

What is the writing process like for you? Do you have a particular writing process or any writing rituals?

I am a very seriously plotter. Writing for me is a matter of connect the dots and I am a slave to the research and outlining process. I’ve tried sitting down and writing whatever comes into my head but always get lost at about the third chapter. So I’ve learned to keep a lot of index cards around and do most of my plotting on a white board. Not very exciting but it works for me!

In your free time what can you be found doing?

Free time is quickly becoming a precious commodity in my life! I do try and keep my evenings free for my family. We are all very serious horror and Science Fiction geeks so we take our movie time very seriously!

What are you currently working on? Anything you can share regarding your current Work in Progress?

I am currently working on Tamed in Texas, it is part of the Deep in the Heat of Texas anthology , with Alta Hensley and Melissa Ecker from LazyDay Publishing that is going to be released on February 14, 2011. The anthology revolves around the Weston brother’s ranch in Valentine Texas and the women who change their lives.

Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

I would really like to thank you Marissa for taking the time to speak with me today. This has been wonderful.

Giveaway: Amy is giving away an ebook copy Dark Rouge to one lucky winner. Leave Amy a question below to be entered. Contest ends Sunday, December 5th at Midnight. One lucky winner will be chosen and announced on Monday, December 6th. Good luck and thank you in advance to everyone for being here.

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  1. Amy le Blanc

    Thanks Keisha! My favorite scary movie? Okay! but don’t tell anyone! it’s Silent Hill! I swear I’ve watched it about three hundred times!

  2. Amy le Blanc

    Hi Estella! Alta, Melissa and I started chatting about doing an anthology based on a few ides we were tossing around and before you know it we were drawing up a proposal!

  3. RK Charron

    Hi Amy 🙂
    Thanks for the wonderful interview.
    It was interesting getting to know more about you.
    What’s your favorite two books that you would want with you on a tropical island?
    All the best,

  4. Jasmine1485

    I think it’s lovely that your husband built you a writing desk 🙂 What do you normally have on it when you’re writing? Do you prefer it to be clear and uncluttered or is it covered in notes, inspiration and ideas?

  5. Amy le Blanc

    Hi RK, hmmm…only two books? i would have to say that the first would be Switch by Megan Hart(my fav. romance/Erotica author ever) and the second would be Smooth Talking Stranger by Lisa Kleypas. If I can cheat I would pack her two other contemporary romances!!! Love those books!!

  6. Amy le Blanc

    Hello there Jasmine! The sweetest part of the desk building story was that he did it the day after my mom died, when the house was empty to surprise me. It still makes me tear up! And I can honestly say that is it a total disaster area! I have notes, index cards, outlines and an endless supply of junk all over it! I keep trying to get it cleaned up but every time I do it aways get messed up again. Oh! and a cat or two! There is always at least one cat taking a snooze on my desk!

  7. Amy le Blanc

    Hi Hales! Thanks for reading! The inspiration for this book came from a set of books about magic and the magical world that were laying around my house. They had a story about a man who bargained his soul away for knowledge of the occult. In the end he was haunted to the day he died by a large black dog. It sounds a little strange but it made sense to me at the time!

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