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A Summers Journey TourI’m happy to be a guest today! 

I’m a romance author who writes contemporary, paranormal, and erotic romance. I’m also a registered nurse who works in an emergency room. I’m lucky to have a supportive husband. Writers will understand when I say my head is spinning. I have three releases one after the other, and sometimes I get crazy over it. Don’t get me wrong, I have it all organized in my head. My writing area is organized the way I want it. I’m the type of person who has to get my blog posts, prom spots, edits, etc. all done as soon as I can. I make sure to focus on what is the most important task for the day. If I’m working on edits, it becomes a priority. Everything else goes on the back burner. By the time, I send the story back to my editor; I’m ready to tell the world about it.  

Here are a few things I do to keep myself from going crazy while writing, promoting, blogging, etc.   (Below is a list for the wonderful readers) I wouldn’t forget you!

1.)    I use a separate notebook for each release with important dates, blog, interviews, giveaway info, speaking engagements, book fairs, events, etc. I mark the cover with the name of the book along with the release date.

2.)    I place my promo items…magnets, bookmarks…etc in plastic containers for promo items marked for each book. I find great buys if I search around.

3.)    I keep a file of contests for each book with a list of prizes. Once you choose the winner, add them to the list. Mark it off when you send the giveaway. This way you won’t forget if you sent it. (I know you have a lot on your plate.)

4.)     I’ve created a comfortable, appealing workspace. By making it a place where I  can go to explore all of my ideas, no matter how naughty, I find it easier to let go. The area contains bits and pieces of the things that inspire me. Make sure you add your favorite music, and coffee…and a chocolate stash. A photo of the person you have in mind for your hero helps.

5.)    If you have a deadline, you might want to keep your phone in another room. I can’t resist checking my email when I hear the loud BING!

READERS.  Thank you for buying our books!  Here’s a list of thing I do while I get lost in a book.

1.)    Create a cozy spot in your house for reading.

2.)    If you’re a Kindle or Nook reader, add a cover that suits your personality. Make it fun!

3.)    If you’re someone who loves to hold a book in your hands, you can organize your books by genre. I have a bookshelf in my office with all of the beautiful books lined up waiting for me. I put the one’s I’ve already read in a separate area. When I finish with the new books, I add them to the area. If the bookshelf gets full, I donate the older patch. A new book to read might make someone else’s day.

4.)    Try organizing a book club. You’ll be surprised how many friends wish they had a book club to attend.  It’s a good way for mom’s night out or dad’s night out. Lol

5.)    Host a party with a featured author. Some of the best-selling authors have opportunities with great gift packs. They look really fun!

Here’s a sneak peak at my latest release.  A Summer’s Journey is a contemporary romance from Rebel Ink Press, released on May 3.

I hope you like the book trailer.  It might give you a better sense of what my story is about



Savannah Mason fought for independence since she was a young girl, smothered by a controlling father who insisted she take over his medical practice one day.  Now, at the age of thirty, alienated from her father, the career minded journalist spends long hours at her job, hoping to take the spot as anchor.


On her darkest day twelve years ago, Savannah agreed to give her child up for adoption. She never even had the chance to hold her.  Then, on her daughter’s birthday, a chance encounter gives Savannah an opportunity to explore a corner of her heart she thought was lost forever.


The last thing Savannah wants is a relationship, especially one with a doctor who happens to have two young children.


Rob Sinclair, a cardiothoracic surgeon and NY Times best-selling author, needs a promo spot on the television show The News Stop.  When Savannah gets the interview over a senior reporter, a door opens to her future.  However, first she must face the sorrow of her past and cast away the agony of guilt before she’s free to accept love.


Rob’s commitment to climb the ladder of success and provide a good life for his two small children keeps him on the road.  He’s determined to push forward despite the heartache of a broken marriage.  His deepest fear is being an absent parent.  When he meets Savannah Mason, desire and passion awaken his broken spirit.  Will he ever be able to trust another woman?


Savannah and Rob’s strong attraction to one another is undeniable as they follow the path to a place where honesty, love and forgiveness, can bring them both home.


When a man who seems totally wrong for Savannah slowly weaves his way into her heart, will he accept her when he learns about her past?


Savannah and Rob’s attraction to one another is undeniable.  As they follow the path to a place where honesty and forgiveness can bring them both home, will it be enough to heal the scars of the past and allow them another chance at love?


Savannah stood and slowly moved toward him. Her chest tightened with each step. As she approached him and admired his broad shoulders, it dawned on her he could be a candidate for People’s sexiest man alive. Control yourself. 

“I’m happy here.”  Savannah admitted. “I love it when the morning light shines on the water and it mimics fine pieces of crystal.”

 Rob slowly approached her. The look in his eyes told her he had more than the view on his mind. Savannah turned away, afraid of what might happen next. Before she could stop him, they were too close for comfort. An electric energy surged between them. With one swift movement, Rob reached for her and gently placed his lips on hers. He cradled her head in his hands as if she was a precious jewel. The warmth of his touch sent shivers down her spine and the world stood still. When Rob’s hands moved slowly across her back, her body went limp and it took her to a level of arousal she never expected. It all happened so quickly, she didn’t have time to react. She found herself spellbound by the feel of his rock hard body pressed up against her chest. All of the emotions she’d kept inside emerged when Rob held her tight. When they finally parted, Savannah stood frozen in shock with her heart pounding and her ears ringing.

Rob’s expression made him look as if he broke the law. He quickly took a step back. “I don’t know what to say. I’m so sorry for my rude behavior.”

 “You weren’t rude. I didn’t stop you.”

 “I don’t know what got into me. You’re an amazing woman and I find you terribly attractive.” He stared deep into her eyes. 

“Thank you.” Savannah looked down, still shocked, but flattered.  

“I’d like to take you on a real date. Would that be possible? Is it against your ethics to date someone you’re working with?”

“There’s no rule against dating a guest on the show. I make my own rules.” Savannah could not believe her own words.

“That’s what I like about you. You’re not afraid of taking a risk. I could tell from the moment I met you, you were a strong, independent woman.”

 Unanswered questions twirled around in Savannah’s mind. What am I doing making a date with a doctor and one with a family, no less. I must be crazy. Her mind told her to run from a relationship with a client, however, her body told her something completely different.


Thanks so much for giving me the floor.  I had a great time!  I love to make new friends!


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