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Going Where No Man Has Gone Before by Kimber Vale


And no, I don’t mean a virgin story.  I’m talking about sci-fi—about worlds that are worlds away from our own. What’s the appeal of life on other planets? How does sci-fi romance differ from paranormal or fantasy that’s not science-based?

The marriage of our own earth with other life forms—life forms which, though not yet discovered, have the potential to exist—is a heady concept, full of promise. It’s separate from the paranormal creatures we love to read about. Both don’t exist as far as we know, but the difference is that life on other planets and advanced technology could exist, and even may be a reality at some point in the future. Aliens could be coming for us.

Some terms and concepts originally proposed by the sci-fi authors of yesteryear have even become proven in later decades, and are now considered scientific terms rather than science-fiction ones. Before, they were firmly boxed in the fantasy department. Now, they’ve been upgraded to real, Pinocchio-style.

Vampires are never going to be discovered dwelling in caves by day, and sucking the blood of innocent people by night (or seducing them, for that matter). Despite the fact that their legend came about from hard scientific observation—that is, exhumed corpses whose nails and hair had shown significant growth after death—their possibility for existence was debunked long ago. Diseases blamed on vampires were scientifically exposed to be related to pathogens other than a vampire virus. The hair and nail growth was determined to be a fact of nature, albeit a creepy one.  Don’t get me wrong; I can get on board with a hot fictional vampire any day.

But aliens…? They grab me in a totally different way. They are a distinct possibility. If life can start up on Earth, then in a universe full of stars and planets and gases, it would be ignorant and conceited to assume we are the only ones.

So there is the allure of science fiction, at least for me. It’s less “what I wish could happen” and more “what may someday happen.” Even, “what may happen tonight while I’m asleep.”

Are aliens coming for you? They might be, but only if you get them really excited. J


Bio: Kimber Vale writes erotic romance of all stripes, from het sci-fi to hot manlove. Come for the sex. Stay for the story. Find her M/M work published under K. Vale. Stalk her on Facebook and Twitter, and check her site for updates, freebies, and new releases.

Her newest release Star Catcher is available from these online retailers:

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Star Catcher Blurb:

Lust flares hot and bright when Stella Aims’ world collides with the gorgeous and mysterious Noth Zobor. The tall dark stranger doesn’t speak a word of English, but Stella is happy to teach him everything she knows, including a crash course in the universal language of love. Their passion burns down to sweet and smoldering before Stella’s reality is completely spun around.

People aren’t always what they seem—but what if they aren’t even human?

Concerned that Noth’s been lying to her, Stella searches for him and walks into a trap straight out of a nightmare. When she wakes, she finds the real deception was far worse than she ever suspected, and her lover is not at all what he seems. Forgiving him might be the easiest thing Stella has to do, because getting out alive and saving her fellow humans from captivity and experimentation will be the toughest challenge of her life.

Can lovers from two different planets overcome forces that push them galaxies apart? When the fate of two species hangs in the balance, love may be the only thing strong enough to save them all and give hope for a new future.

Excerpt from Star Catcher:

Noth had gazed curiously about her room as Stella closed the door and twisted the lock to the side. He thought she wanted more food, but did not see an eating area here, only sleeping quarters with a data-entry station. What did this strange Earth female plan to do now?

“I can think of something I wouldn’t mind snacking on,” Stella said, turning to him. Her mouth curved up and her eyes sparkled. They were such an attractive shade. There were no light eyes on Artanos. They reminded him of the color of growing things when the dry season ended and water fell from the sky once more. It was his favorite time of the year, when the land was so colorful and alive. Like Stella. She made everything more vibrant somehow.

The blood-pumping organ in his chest thumped violently, hard and fast against its confines, as she stood up on her toes to kiss him again.

Oh, good. More kissing. This is my favorite thing about Earth so far. And then eyes scream.

She must have changed her mind about the snacks. Noth had a large amount of the anatomy book to read yet, but this was so much better. He would definitely rather do kissing than learn about the human female reproductive system. Work could wait for one night.

The act was thrilling. It felt both unfamiliar and natural at the same time. He kissed her across her cheek and down her neck, working on sheer instinct as he nibbled her earlobe and teased the inside with his tongue. Stella’s breath was hot and fast against his skin. She seemed to enjoy his touch. How can this be? When Artanians attempted procreation, the act was nothing but business. But this was enjoyable.

Strange, she wiggled her body against his as if she wanted to be fertilized. Even odder, the notion appealed to him.

He did not even know if this human female was ovulating, as they called it in his anatomy book. He reached out and rubbed her mating area through her jeans. He could detect a hint of moisture there. Maybe she was at her fertile time? She was wet enough—not that he could ever mate with someone from this species.

The Earthling certainly seemed to want to try.

Mother of Scrion! Her hands were on his brackligg, stroking it up and down! Usually only the males did that for themselves before the fertilization act. Never the females. This felt like pleasure. It was nothing like work, or service, or duty—the words he associated with seed-sharing.

“I want to wrap my lips around your cock,” she whispered in his ear. He had no idea what this “cock” was, but he was willing to let her try. His brackligg jumped in her hands at the suggestion. It seemed to like the idea as well.

Before he knew what she planned, Stella was pushing him onto her sleeping pallet and removing his clothes. He could only stare, stupefied, as she lowered her mouth to his brackligg.

Their eyes met with her lips wrapped around his swelling body part, and she pulled off him long enough to ask a question.

“What? Do you like that?” Her voice was throaty, enchanting, and she took his brackligg back into her mouth before he could respond.

“Ahhh,” he answered, as understanding and pleasure crashed into him at once. “That is a cock.”

She removed her mouth again, but her fist continued to pump around his shaft as she spoke. “Oh, this is a cock all right.”

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