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November 12, 2010 Feature, Guest Blog 0

Today we have the author Dating Mr. Decmber, Phillipa Ashley here with us. Take a moment to answer her question at the bottom of her blog post to be entered into a contest for a copy of Dating Mr. December, more details below.

First mega thanks to Sizzling Hot Books for inviting me to blog about my debut US release, Dating Mr. December.

I thought I’d share what I love most about being an author—and it didn’t take me long to come up with list of reasons!

1. The number one thing I love about being an author is the chance to share the characters and stories I’ve created with readers. That feeling was extra magical with Dating Mr. December which was my debut novel.

2. Creating a world that (I hope) is vivid and truly alive for the reader. This was easy with Dating Mr. December. The book is set in the beautiful English Lake District – an area I have a really strong connection with.

3. Writing the sex scenes! I love writing love scenes because by the time they come along, something BIG has happened to the characters’ relationship.

4. Seeing my book made into a movie! In 2009 Fox made Dating Mr. December into the Lifetime movie, “The 12 Men of Christmas.” I took my family to the Rocky Mountains to meet the stars, Kristin Chenoweth (Emma/‘EJ’) and Josh Hopkins (Will.) Even when we sat down to a delicious lunch with the cast and crew, I couldn’t eat a thing.

5. Being allowed, in the interests of research, to scour the Internet for pictured of gorgeous men for inspiration.

6. Making people laugh and cry or hearing one of my stories has brightening up their day. One of the best moments was when a friend of my husband, who I’d considered quite an unromantic, unsentimental lady, told me I’d made her cry (in a good way) at the end of Dating Mr. December.

7. Getting the first glimpse of a cover design, then the proof copies, then seeing the book in the shops and online

8. Having an excuse to meet new people and do things I wouldn’t normally. As research for Dating Mr. December, I visited a mountain rescue base and abseiled (rappelled) off a cliff so I could truly empathize with the heroine’s fear of heights.

9. Starting a book, all excited about the journey ahead and not knowing where it will take me.

10. Finishing a book, after all the emotion and angst and wondering how on earth I did it this time!

Now, I’d like to ask readers: what would your dream job be? Or are you already doing it?


Praise for Phillipa Ashley:

“Ashley’s writing is deft, sexy, and full of humor.”


“Lovely books filled with warm and likeable characters. Great fun!”

—internationally bestselling author Jill Mansell

“Sharp, sexy, and exuberant.”


She doesn’t need rescuing, she only needs a change of scenery…

After a disastrous discovery loses Emma Tremayne both her boyfriend and her high-profile PR job in London, she moves to the Lake District to recover her confidence and live a simpler life. She loves her new job with the tourist board, and she’s settling into small town life just fine—until she ends up responsible for a fundraising effort that calls for twelve naked mountain rescuers…

Buy it here: Amazon,Barnes & Noble, Borders


Phillipa Ashley studied English Language and Literature at Oxford before becoming a freelance copywriter and journalist. Dating Mr. December (called Decent Exposure in the UK) was the basis of last year’s Lifetime TV Movie “The 12 Men of Christmas.” A frequent guest on BBC national, local and independent radio on all matters romantic, she lives with her husband and daughter in Staffordshire, UK. For more information, please visit,  follower her on Twitter or find her on Facebook!

Sourcebooks has offered two copies of Dating Mr. December up to two lucky commenter. To be entered to win please answer Phillipa’s questions, What would your dream job be? Or are you already doing it?

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  1. Rosy T

    What a lovely post, Phillipa – your enthusiasm for your ‘job’ as a writer just leaps from the page!

    (I suppose I’m doing my dream job already, too, because I’m a writer and a teacher, and I love them both equally.)

  2. Anonymous

    I teach English and I love it….but my dream job would be something more creative…like a painter (a hobby of mine) or a book cover designer.

    in Germany

  3. Victoria

    My dream job would be something that paid me to read books or gave me free books for reading them, like a reviewer or editor.
    I already read lots of books (about 5 a week), just need to find a way to make money/get free books for it. (That one income household just does not support that kind of book habit, lol).

    Thanks for the contest!

  4. JenM

    I previously tried out a dream job – I gave up accounting and became a Labor and Delivery nurse. I loved the actual nursing but hated working in a hospital and almost went crazy working night shift so I went back to accounting.

    These days, my dream job would be to work as an editor – I love to read and I’m one of those people that instantly spots (and loves to correct) grammatical and spelling errors.


  5. Phillipa Ashley

    Hi – just got up and loving all the replies.

    Estelle – my daughter is grown up but I’m not a grandmother yet. It sounds like a lot of fun.

    Victoria and Jen – I’ve been amazed at how many book review and blog sites there are in the USA. I used to work as a sub-editor on a newspaper but I don’t think I could edit a book (and a large part of the job is dealing with the authors and soothing their feelings when they have to rewrite!)

  6. Rachel Lyndhurst

    If I couldn’t be a writer I’d really, really like to be an antiques dealer. Did dabble once, but it’s almost impossible to make a living at it these days.

    And you don’t get to ogle too many handsome, young Greeks either …

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