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Sweet Cravings TourWelcome Eva. Please tell the readers about yourself and the books you write?

Well I’m a science fiction girl at heart. I grew up watching Star Trek which we now call TOS and I even met Leonard Nimoy at a young and impressionable age! He couldn’t have predicted though, that my interest in scifi would morph into a penchant for *hot* science fiction romance reads. Or that I’d one day pen hot stories of my own. I write just about everything. Currently I’m working on a series about bull riders and of course some SFR.

Tell us about your latest book.  Do you have anything new in the works and can you tell us a bit about it?

Sweet Cravings is my first release from Decadent Publishing. It’s a foodie story about a woman who has body image issues and a love of pastry. Who better to pair her with than a pastry chef that appreciates real women? My next release from Decadent will be in their  wildly popular One Night Stand series. It’s a M/M love story set in Mumbai, India.  If I’m lucky, the bull riders series will also kick off this year.

What inspired you to write Sweet Cravings?

I have to be honest – it’s Justin Timberlake’s fault. Well, his and Timbaland’s. Did you see that music video they did for “Carry Out”? It’s pretty *hot* and it involves pastry…. My imagination didn’t have to run very far with that one! Just take a look:

How do you describe your writing style?

It depends. It veers from first person to third, and sometimes includes a wacky sense of humor. In Sweet Cravings, there’s a scene where Violet’s considering interrogating the rest of the office staff wearing black leather pants and a riding crop. Let’s just say she’s about at the end of her rope that point. I also like to put them in horribly embarrassing situations. Watch the characters squirm. Naked in public. Oops.

When writing who is in charge you or your characters? How do you deal with bossy characters?

I am a total pantster. I start with a scene or two, get them down on paper, see what the characters are telling me about themselves. Then my brain kicks in! LOL It will see a certain storyline evolve and route the characters to follow it. I do have two horribly bossy characters that do whatever they want. They are hilarious together but they take over my brain! One of these days I’ll corral them and finish their wayward story…

Is there anything you find particularly challenging about writing?

I’m skimpy on description in my first drafts and my character motivations sometimes aren’t as clear as they could be. I always have to go back and improve. I’m not a perfect first draft writer!

What was one of the most surprising things you learned while writing your books?

That once I really get into the emotional groove of the story, it can all fall into place quite naturally. In the Mumbai story, the chapter breaks occurred just where they needed to as the story unfolded. I hardly had to think about it. Just took each scene as it came, shaped it and let it go.

Sweet-Cravings200x300What advice would you give to writers just starting out?

Read lots and listen to how people talk around you. I have a lousy singing voice, but I have a good ear. I can do an accent like nobody’s business. The accent come with a certain way of talking – you know? People from Canada don’t talk the same as people from Mexico. Listen to their patterns and you’ll learn how to bring out differences in dialog. Arjun in the Mumbai story talks way differently from Max in Sweet Cravings or Cole in Spitfire.

Now for a fun question, what is in your TBR pile?

Oh my dear God! Do you realize how big it is? I’ve got Gail Carriger and I’ve got Rosanna Leo and I’ve even got some Star Trek novels in there. I couldn’t possibly name them all. If I ever made a list I’d keel over!

When did you know that you wanted to be a writer? Was your family and friends supportive?

Kindergarten. No, really. I wrote a very inventive Batman story and colored pictures too. I was hooked! No, my family hasn’t always been supportive, but then the road is always tough for a romance writer!

Who (if anyone) has been instrumental in inspiring you as a writer?

I started reading at an early age and continue to read a lot these days. Especially in the romance genre. My inspiration is other romance authors who do it well and have created successful careers for themselves. My dream is to write for a living. Who needs an evil day job anyway?

What are you currently working on? Anything you can share regarding your current Work in Progress?

Here is a snippet from the bull rider story called Spitfire that’s currently submitted for acceptance: As the minutes passed he laid there thinking. Running through his mind his first glimpse of Garrett naked, the taste of his cock, the way his smooth black skin shimmered. Then, the way his hands had groped him, the touch intense and needy. God. If he could have a man touch him like that every night… Since leaving home branded the black sheep of the family for his “urgings” as his pa called them, he’d never once had a steady lover. One couldn’t really call three fumbling quickies with Cash a relationship either. When Cash had gotten what he’d wanted, he’d decided he wasn’t gay after all. He frowned at the illicit memory intruding upon his Garrett worship. The whole scenario never did set right with him. What the hell had Cash expected anyway? Men’s loving was … well it just was. It wasn’t any part straight and it wasn’t any part easy.

Cole sighed, gazing at Garrett’s face. He knew better than to fall in love with a bull rider who’d ride out of town the day after tomorrow headed to his next gig. Trouble was, there was nobody around half as good as him to fall in love with and he was getting tired of waiting.

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