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Today I’m pleased to welcome erotic interracial romance author, Veronica Tower. Hi Veronica, welcome to Sizzling Hot Books.

Glad to be here, thanks for having me.

Let’s get right to the questions. Why don’t you tell us a little about yourself and the books you write?

I’m always glad to talk about my writing, but as you might imagine it’s not that easy to summarize thirty books and stories in a couple of sentences. So let’s see what we can do.

I like to write about people falling in love and working to strengthen their relationships. My books tend to be both erotic and interracial. Quite often they center around older women and younger men. There are special challenges in an IR and an older/younger relationship that I find especially interesting. Without a challenge—some real or perceived difficulty in starting or advancing a relationship—there really isn’t any story and the older/younger situation is becoming more and more common in our society.

Most of my books are set in contemporary times and are what I think of as classic romances. The entire plot revolves around woman meeting man and the two falling in love, or around a man and a woman encountering a problem in their relationship that they have to overcome. But more and more I’ve begun to experiment with stories where that all-important boy-meets-girl encounter takes place in the context of events which impact the romance but are outside of it. For example, in my short story, The Runaway, my heroine, Delilah, is an escaped slave fleeing her master. That casts a huge shadow over the story. Similarly in my paranormal romance novel, Healing, Ari’s crippling injuries and her efforts to recover from them cannot be extricated from the developing romance, but they also are “outside” factors that complicate her relationship with Arden.

How does this latest book fit into that summary?

Snowbound Christmas Cheer is the thirteenth book in my Snowbound Series. It’s a May-December romance (or maybe May-October because the age difference isn’t quite in the traditional cougar range). It’s a story about unfulfilled expectations and the problems it can cause. Jo and A.J. met at a Halloween party, a very small side plot in my short story, Snowbound Halloween. Unfortunately, for reasons explained in the new story, despite the strong attraction between the two of them, neither followed up on their first meeting. In Snowbound Christmas Cheer, they run into each other at the grocery store and sparks begin to fly again. It’s a great place to jump into the series because it’s a brand new romance.

So did you know that you’d be writing a book about Jo and A.J. when you introduced them in Snowbound Halloween?

I had the story in the back of my mind. In the Snowbound series I like to slip back and forth between advancing the already existing relationships and introducing new love. The book I had originally planned to write for last Christmas is the wedding of my original Snowbound characters, Ron and Kara, but I discovered that while they were definitely ready to make their vows to each other, the rest of the family wasn’t quite ready to cooperate on the page. So I decided to give myself a little more time to think about it and I wrote about Jo and A.J. instead.

That’s funny. Do your characters often give you trouble by not cooperating with the storyline you have in mind?

Every author knows she has to be true to her characters, and sometimes that means changing the plot to accommodate their actions. It is one of the thrills of writing. I may think I know everything that will happen when I sit down at the keyboard, but I can never be truly certain until after the book is finished. Ron and Kara are definitely going to get married and their difficult families will be there to witness it—but it’s going to happen on their timetable, not mine.

So is that what we can expect from you next? The story of Ron and Kara’s wedding?

Well the next work I have coming out is my Daydreams series. These are what Red Rose Publishing calls “Hot Summer Teases”. They’re four very short reads about an older woman who fantasizes about the college student who mows her lawn and what happens when she discovers he’s been having remarkably similar daydreams about her. Those are coming in July and August from Red Rose, but I am also working on the next Snowbound books and if all goes well there could just be bachelorette parties and wedding bells this Christmas. In the meantime I hope you’ll all take a look at Snowbound Christmas Cheer to get in the mood.

Sounds like fun. I look forward to reading them. And thanks for stopping by Sizzling Hot Books.

Thank you.

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