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Hello Jessica Lee.  Thank you to taking the time to stop by. I am honored to have you here.
Thanks so much, Marissa. It’s my pleasure and a delight to have been invited.
To start would you mind telling the readers a little about yourself?
Let’s see, I’m a nurse turned stay-at-home mom, turned romance author. lol I never thought I possessed enough creativity to be an author. Science had always been something that came easy for me. But I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to stay home with my son these last few years and thus explore my creative side, because I truly feel I’ve found my passion. This year, I officially retired from nursing after 24yrs. ( I was really young when I started. *wink*)
Today is the release of All She Wants 4 Christmas, what can you tell us about it?
ASW4C is a short story about a couple whose relationship has stagnated. Monica has grown restless with her perfectly organized life and is in desperate need of something more. Dane thinks he has all he will ever need in his vanilla sex world. Until one night when he witnesses a glimpse of what he’s been missing—a visual image that rocks his world and changes everything.
What inspired you to write erotica with a Christmas theme?
Breathless Press put out a submissions call for Naughty or Nice Christmas themed manuscripts. And as you can see, when Monica and Dane’s story came to mind, I went for the naughty road. lol
You write a couple different genres, do you have a favorite? Is it hard to switch from writing one genre to another?
I would have to say my favorite is erotic paranormal. Karen Marie Moning, JR Ward, and Lora Leigh were a huge inspiration for me, so the paranormal world will always have a place near and dear to my heart.
I wouldn’t say it’s difficult to switch to different genre, but when you go  from the paranormal world to a contemporary, normal human world, it does have its restrictions. You don’t have the benefit of shifting your hero into a bird or wolf to save your heroine from the enemy. LOL There are rules you have to follow. That’s one of the main reasons I adore writing in the paranormal genre: you can make up your own.
Where do you get your ideas for the stories you write?
Wow, I wish I knew, because I’d tap into that source and never let go. They just come to me at the strangest times. The idea for Bloodlines popped into my head while driving home from dropping my son off at preschool. I called up my good friend and critique partner on my cell and was like “what do you think about this?”
Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?
I’ve been asked this question in the past, and my answer is this: choose wisely on what you decide to spend your money on. There are a lot of workshops, contest, and all kinds of things out there that will promise to help you become a better writer, or get your name out there. But be careful. Think before you spend your money. Ask yourself, what am I really going to get out of this? Is this truly going to give me what I need to perfect my craft?

I spent way too much money on some things that didn’t pay off. If I had to go back, I would have put a little more thought into some of the contests I’d participated in, and some of the workshops and books I chose to purchase.

Workshops are fantastic. I learned so much through them. But there are a lot of them out there. My advice is to think before you spend. If you can, get some private opinions from others on what instructors and classes worked for them.

What was the adjustment like when you started working from home after being a nurse for twenty-four years?
I was so ready for a break that it was an easy transition. LOL But it does take a lot more discipline to make things happen when you have the whole day. Very easy to procrastinate. But at the same time, you never get away from work. If you allow it, the job can totally consume you morning, noon, and night. You have to find your balance.
When did you know that you wanted to be a writer? Was your family and friends supportive?
As I mentioned earlier, it’s so odd, but I had never considered being a writer. But once I did, the writing bug bit me hard. lol My family is supportive in that they’re proud at what I’ve accomplished, but they (not my husband) would much rather that I wrote something other than erotic.
My husband is wonderfully supportive. If not for him, I would have never completed my first book. 
Who inspired you the most to follow your dreams of being a writer?
Within my family, my husband, most definitely. In the business, probably Karen Marie Moning for her talent at spinning the most beautiful words, and Sherrilyn Kenyon’s for her success story. She’s an incredible woman with an incredible tale of perseverance.
What is the writing process like for you? Do you have a particular writing process or any writing rituals?
My favorite time and place to write is in my bed late at night with my lap tray and netbook. Pair that with a either have a hot cup of tea or coffee and maybe a little chocolate for inspiration.
In your free time what can you be found doing?
I’ll admit it… Yes, I do love my soap operas. *wink* Young and the Restless followed by The Bold and the Beautiful. I record those, and when I need a break, I enjoy the escape into their worlds. My guilty pleasure. Hehe
What are you currently working on? Anything you can share regarding your current Work in Progress?
Currently, I’m working on the third installment to my Warriors of the Enclave series.
Is there anything else you would like to share with us?
If you enjoyed Bloodlines that recently came out on November 26th, you’ll be happy to know a short follow-up to Evin and Mason’s story is due out on February 11, 2011, Make Me: A KinKaid Wolf Pack Story.
Thanks again for allowing to stop by today, Marissa. It’s been great!
Jessica Lee a $10 Amazon gift card to one lucky commenter. Leave Jessica a question, with your email address to be entered to win. Contest ends December 15th, at 11:59pm EST and the winner will be announced on December 16th.

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  1. Jessica Lee

    Hi Mary, Thanks so much! I do hope you enjoy them. 🙂 Wow, that’s a tough question. I fall in love with my heroes in every book. LOL Desire to Die For was my first, so it’ll always have a special place in my heart. Kenric was an amazing character to me. But Bloodlines was my first pure m//m erotic romance, and I had so much fun bringing Evin and Mason’s story to life. So I think it’s a tie between my two firsts. LOL

  2. Danielle

    The books look absolutely awesome. I would love to read them as I agree with Mary you are a new author to me! I really love to read so this would be something new tome. I’m curious now about your books! Haha. I find myself always picturing the scenery and always feeling what each character feels, goes through, etc.

    I have a question though. What is it like to write such wonderful stories?! What do you enjoy most about writing?

  3. Jessica Lee

    Hi Danielle, Great question! I think I love the journey with my characters the most. They never fail to surprise me during a story. Just when I think I have a handle on exactly what’s going to happen in a story, Bam!, one of my characters will say something totally unexpected and change the course of the story. Shocks me evertime. lol

    Hi Andrea! I was actually 19yrs. old when I graduated nursing school and started my first job at a major hospital in my area, working with neuro patients, spinal cord injuries, brain tumors, etc. I was scared to death. LOL
    Thank you both for stopping by!!

  4. JenM

    Hi Jessica – Best wishes on your books.

    I was wondering if you enjoy doing research for your books and what’s the most recent thing that you were researching.


  5. Jasmine1485

    These sound great! 🙂 I’ll have to keep an eye out for them here. Do you write what you’d like to read? I noticed you say you’re inspired by Sherrilyn Kenyon, have you read many of her novels?

    Kate1485 at

  6. Jessica Lee

    Hi JenM — She I do research, and it can be fun. In fact, I just came from a Leatherfet this past weekend where I sat in on a few workshops regarding a variety of Fetishes. Very interesting. 🙂

    Hi Jasmine1485! Yes, I do write what I also enjoying reading. I think if you tried to force yourself to write what you don’t enjoy, it’ll show in the story.
    Oh yes, I have read many of Sherrilyn’s novels. What a fantastic creative mind she has. And such a sweet person the couple of times I’ve been fortunate enough to meet her.

  7. practimom

    Hey Jessica,

    I look forward to reading your books. Paranormal is my fav genre. How long did it take you to get published. Was it as hard a road as i have heard?

  8. Jessica Lee

    Hi Practimom,

    Thanks for visiting today! I do love paranormal romance too. Yes, it is a long, hard road. It took me about 2.5 years, I think. I took a lot of online workshops, wrote, worked with some wonderful and encouraging critique partners who helped me to fine tune my ms. Then I submitted and submitted. LOL Received several rejections and had to grow some thick skin in the process. But I wouldn’t change a thing. lol I’m so happy I stuck in there and found a new career that I love.

  9. ladyauthorsld

    Congratulations on your books, Jessica! I’m just getting into the paranormal genre a bit with reading more and more and your books look very interesting!

    I wish you lots of continued success and happy writing!

  10. Dina

    hi Jessica, do you think writing is something that seems to come natural to people who just don’t know it (yet)? 🙂


    dlsmilad at yahoo dot com

  11. Estella

    You are a new to me author. Your books sound fantastic.

    What do you do in your ‘spare’ time?

    kissinoak at frontier dot com

  12. Jessica Lee

    @Ladyauthor — Thank you so much! 🙂

    @Dina — Good question. Sure. I do believe sometimes there are hidden talents that just haven’t had the opportunity to show themselves until an individual gets the chance to explore a new craft.

    @Estella — When I’m not writing, I like to try and spend as much time with my son as I can. And when he’s in bed, I love to read, and I have to say my guilty pleasure is Young and the Restless and Bold and the Beautiful. LOL Love my soaps. 🙂

    @PamJones — LOL, Yes, mixing them up can be a real possibility. So, you have to keep detailed notes on your characters and your world, or you just might embarrass yourself, especially when you get several book in to a series. Plus pray that you have an excellent editor who’s also keeping great notes. LOL
    But while I’m writing, I’m usually very deep in my character’s POV that as far as personality, mixing them up would be a hard thing to do.

    @baddict17 — No, I would never suggest anyone to give up on a dream. Even a natural talent needs fine tuning and perfecting. And if you want it bad enough, keep learning. Take classes, workshops, read on the craft of writing. With all the hard work it may take you to finally achieve your dream, it’ll even be sweeter when you do because of the road you traveled to get there. 🙂

    @PinkStuff28 — I haven’t heard of “In Erica’s Mind” What’s that one about? Hmm… I don’t know when or if it’ll ever be back on, but I really enjoyed Torchwood. Oh wow, and I was so sad when they pulled Moonlight off the air. Alex O’Laughlin was SO hot on that show. LOL

  13. Jessica Lee

    Hi Keisha — Hands down I’d have to say Acheron *sigh* He is the ultimate tortured alpha male. She really ripped my heart out for him in that book. Sherrilyn has an amazing talent.
    Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  14. Sheree

    Hi! Have you written your experience in nursing into any of your books?

    Since you work from home, how do you keep yourself from working all the time?


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