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Hello Teresa D’Amario. Thank you to taking the time to stop by. I am honored to have you here.
Thanks Marissa, it’s great to be here, and I hope everyone is having a great holiday season!

To start would you mind telling the readers a little about yourself?

There’s not much to tell. I’m retired Air Force, but still work for a local phone company, and write for a few hours once I get off work. I have 2 dogs and a wonderful, very supporting husband.

I love the cover for SheWolf, it is very sensual. What can we expect from SheWolf?

Thank you so much. I love the eyes almost as much as the couple on the front. They are so intense. SheWolf is as much about learning about yourself as it is about the relationships and working together. It’s the story of a woman who knows she’s a little different from most, but when she meets the hero, finds it impossible to believe she could be something other than human.

I am very excited about your upcoming book is Leopard’s Key, (I love leopard shifters), what can you tell us about it?

Oh Leopard’s key is awesome for such a short story. It’s all about Darius, a leopard shifter who comes to town in search of his brother. His only clue is a key necklace received in the mail made of silver, addressed to their mother. Of course, his brother would never mail her a silver piece of jewelry, so he tracks down the maker. While she’s not a shifter, she has a few special traits all her own!

Since your books are about shifters, it leads me to ask, if you could be a shifter what kind would you be and why?

A tigress. I love the power and agility and strength mixed with that intelligence. Tigers don’t forget, and will stalk those who offend them until they catch them. I love that little bit about them. They are also great protectors of those they love.

What inspired you to write paranormal romance?

I have always loved paranormal, but it wasn’t until I discovered it was in the romance field that I knew I had come home to what I could write. Being a writer had always been a dream, but my dreams were filled with extra powers or strange happenings, and I couldn’t seem to put into a plot what “people were reading”. It’s great to see what I love being so popular now.

When did you know that you wanted to be a writer? Was your family and friends supportive?

I’ve always wanted to be a writer. Even when I was a kid. My family is surprisingly supportive. I was embarrassed at first, thinking they would believe me to be strange or something. LOL. Maybe they do think I’m strange, but are willing to go with it, who knows.

Who inspired you the most to follow your dreams of being a writer?

My husband. He had a dream and he decided he was going to write it into a book. That’s when I realized that maybe people wouldn’t laugh at me for writing my stories. so now, almost 4 years later, I have my books written, and he’s still working on his. But of course I have a very special advantage. I can type. Okay, that’s not fair. He can type too, only his is much much slower. (I type 105 wpm)

What is the writing process like for you? Do you have a particular writing process or any writing rituals?

I really don’t have a specific ritual, in fact, sometimes when I get stuck, I purposely change up whatever I’ve been doing. Typically I write after work, for about 2-4 hours every day. I sometimes sit at the laptop, and sometimes at the desktop. A couple of times I’ve even gone to coffee shops so I can change up my thought process. Sometimes that works, sometimes it just distracts me. My only DEFINITE ritual is I cannot have the tv on – and I cannot write to music with words. They both are too distracting for me.

In your free time what can you be found doing?

Reading, playing with the dogs, and training dogs.

What are you currently working on? Anything you can share regarding your current Work in Progress?

Yes, I’ve just turned in Blood Moon Betrayed to my editor. It’s the story of Sean, from SheWolf – and as you can tell by the title, is all about betrayal of those closest to you. After the events of SheWolf and Dark Succession, he’s feeling a little “unloved” and takes to the woods on his own, but happens across a woman being systemically beaten. He protects her, saving her life, and is very surprised to find she is his True Mate. But when two ex spouses (his and hers) enter the mix, things get very dangerous.

Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

Everyone, check out SheWolf – now available in both ebook AND print! And I hope everyone has an amazing Christmas this year. Times may be tough, but that’s when I like to lose myself in a good book, and I bet a lot of our readers feel the same.

Now for the fun stuff. For those visiting today, riddle me this:

What is the one book you want to get for Christmas this year? One lucky winner won’t receive a book (I know, I’m bad) but will instead receive A holiday cannister from Fannie May Fine chocolates, so when you sit to read that next book, it can become an ultimate pleasure experience!

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  1. Teril

    hahaha, i love that, WHile munching on chocolates one can then have the book on hand being the ultimate experience. It almost wounds like one of those ‘ultimate’ game shows ;). My book I really want for Christmas…. hmm that is hard….
    Can I ask for the whole CL WILSON series? Is that even boxed?

    ohh or wait I want the boxed set of the Black Dagger Brotherhood! Yes and read that while eating scrumptious chocolates!

    whew…. that sounds exciting 😉

  2. Teresa D'Amario

    Hi Teril,

    oh those are really good ideas. And yeah, the boxed set of BDB would be great.

    Estella, oh, I love the cat shifters too! Can’t wait till you see Leopard’s Key!

  3. practimom

    Hey Teresa,

    Great job on those covers. very eye catching…and hey, they sound great, too *_^! but i am really ready to read Ruthless Game, the next in Christine Feehan’s Ghostwalker series!

  4. stacey

    I want to Get Blood Trinty by Sherrilyn Kenyon and i will as soon as I get some money hay Maybe I will get some gift card For x-mas And get it that way.

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    It’s a little off topic but I’d love to get ’30 Minute Meals’ by Jamie Oliver, I love his cookbooks and I’m really hoping someone will get me that one 😀

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