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Forever Kind of Love by Moira CallahanForever Kind of Love by Moira Callahan
Published by Evernight Publishing Genres: Contemporary, Contemporary Romance, Romance
Pages: 72
Format: eBook
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Taylor Granger was the one. Veronica “Roni” Malone knew it the first moment she saw him. He made her heart race and her palms sweat. Who cared that they were only in high school. She knew. Heartbroken when life pulled them in different directions, Roni spent the next twenty years trying to fill the gaping hole in her heart. When her beloved Mustang gets towed into Taylor’s mechanic shop, she knew she’d been given a second chance.

Taylor couldn’t believe his eyes. The woman who’d tortured his dreams stood in front of him again after all this time. Roni had rocked his world from day one, and he wasn’t about to let the best thing that ever happened to him get away again.

Back together, the fire sparks and passions burn as they try to find their way back to what they’d left behind and to the realization that their love had always been a forever kind of love.

Forever Kind of Love by Moira Callahan is a great contemporary romance that I enjoyed reading. Forever Kind of Love is a story of love found, lost, and restored. It is about Taylor and Veronica and is a sweet story that I won’t soon forget. This is the first book that I have read by this author and I wasn’t disappointed. I look forward to reading other books by her as well.

Veronica or “Roni” grew up in a not so happy home so she was thrilled when her parents decided to get a divorce. It was what she had been wishing for, for a while because she was tired of all the fighting. When she meets Taylor she is smitten with him and she knew that she wanted to spend forever with him. The more time they spent together the more her feelings grew. When their lives took a turn in opposite directions she was devastated but she tried to move on with her life and tried to fill the hole in her heart but nothing seems to work. Years later her car ends up being towed to his shop and their passion is reignited once again. Will she be able to walk away this time? Or will they finally live out their happily ever after?

Taylor was a good guy and but not everyone saw him that way. When he met Roni his life changed for the better. He knew that he would be there for him and she would be there for him as well. They were inseparable from the moment they met and he wouldn’t have it any other way because she is his world. After High school their paths in life didn’t take them in the same direction so they were soon separated by life. After many years have passed he gets a Mustang in his shop and is surprised to see her when she walks through his door to collect her prized car. Everything comes into focus and he knows he isn’t going to let her walk out of his life again. Can the two of them restore what was lost and more? Or will he be left the empty vessel he has been over the years she hasn’t been in his life?

I really enjoyed Forever Kind of Love. I thought it was a believable story and I liked the characters. I liked that the story illustrated that true love never dies. I liked Taylor because he was a good guy and a hard worker. I also like that he was perfect for Roni even after all the years they were separated. I liked Roni too but not as much as I liked Taylor. I didn’t really identify with either of the characters but still cared about them. I would have liked to read more about them as well but the story did all come together well in the end. I would recommend Forever Kind of Love to those who enjoy contemporary romances.