Melissa Ecker was showing off the covers for her Seduction in Memory Grove series coming December 1, 2010, from LazyDay Publishing. There are three different novels in the Seduction in Memory Grove series, Pull The Trigger, Mount Up, and Feed the Fire. Great covers.

Terri Garey has an excerpt from the first book in her new series, Devil Without a Cause, coming June 2011.

Charlaine Harris’ announced that Harper Connelly books will be heading to the small screen. They have been picked up to be adapted into a television series, for CBS. I haven’t had a chance to read these books yet, but I plan to check them out sometime. Congratulations Charlaine.

J.F. Lewis announced that Pocket After Dark has Staked up for a free read for the next 30 days, and there is a preview for ReVamped.

For the Kindle owners, amazon has announced they will start selling Kindle Singles. These stories will range from 10 thousand to 70 thousand words. Thankfully they will have their own section in the Kindle store, and are supposed to have attractive pricing to tempt buyers.

Jeaniene Frost announced some fabulous news. She sold two Cat/Bones novels, which will now have the series ending at nine books instead of seven. I love this series and the spin off series. If you haven’t check any of the books by Jeaniene Frost yet, you should add them to your wish list.

For all the J.R. Ward fans, Smexy Books posted some great news back on October 11th (sorry it’s a little late). Here is a quick summary of it, but for more information check out Smexy Books. There are supposed to be six new brother added to the books, but there are no details about when we will meet them. J.R. confirms that Rhage and Mary will get a baby in Slice of Life, which will be out sometime in 2011. There is also supposed to be another Slice of Life that will be Wrath and Beth coming in 2011. J.R. also confirmed that John Matthews and the brothers will never know that he is Darius reincarnated.

Yesterday I stopped by Karen Kelley’s facebook to wish her a Happy Birthday and I found a cover for The Wolf Prince. I love it! Who doesn’t love a cover with a sexy man with a great chest

Yesterday Teresa D’Amario showed off the cover for SheWolf, which comes out November 30th in print. You can already buy it as an ebook. I like this cover better then the ebook cover.

Book releases this week…..
Hunger — Jackie Morse Kessler
True Believers — Maria Zannini
Blood Trinity — Sherrilyn Kenyon and Dianna Love
Crescendo — Becca Fitzpatrick

Nightshade — Andrea Cremer
The First Book of Grimm — Shiloh Walker
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