Jingle Buds by Judy MaysJingle Buds by Judy Mays
Series: Reindeer Games
Published by Other Genres: Romance
Pages: 45
Format: eBook
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Dr. Jonathon Claus has finally achieved his dream. He's in charge of a rural medical clinic in Idaho. Treating injured tourists is fine, but what he really enjoys is taking care of the area's residents, many of whose families have lived in the region for generations. More importantly, he is far enough away from his mother Penelope, Mrs. Santa Claus, to avoid her attempts at matchmaking.

Then, on Christmas Eve, Emily Olson's grandmother gets run over by a reindeer...

Reindeer Games: Jingle Buds by Judy Mays is a perfect Christmas rom-com. I thought that Jonathan and Emily’s story cute and comical. I thought it was hilarious how the author included a story about how Emily’s grandmother got ran over by a reindeer. I am enjoying the Reindeer Games series thus far. I like that it exposes me to new authors. I look forward to reading more by this author and within the series.

Jonathan and Emily are not looking for love. In fact both are quite content with their lives. He is a doctor to a small town where everyone knows everyone. She is raising her nephew and working locally. The two of them end up meeting when her grandmother gets run over by a reindeer, or at least that is what her nephew tells her. When Jonathan’s mother shows up in town he can tell that she is scheming once again. It doesn’t help that Emily’s grandmother seems to be in on it too. The attraction between the two of them is undeniable every time they get together. Will they both give in and find true happiness? Or will they continue with their lives as they have been?

I loved Reindeer Games: Jingle Buds. I thought Mrs. Claus antics. She was a funny meddling mother. I also liked how she was with other people. I liked Emily because she was dedicated to her family. It was very sweet and showed her character well. I liked Jonathan as well. I liked that he was a doctor and the fact that he loved being one in a small town. That made him easy to identify with. I felt the characters were relatable and real and it made the story more enjoyable. I would highly recommend Reindeer Games: Jingble Buds to anyone who enjoys holiday romances.