Maitng Instinct by Katie Reus

Moon shiftersJayce Kazan, enforcer for the North American Shifter counsel, bad ass, tough guy has been felled by the Mating Instinct! When Jayce and Kat met a year ago he knew she was special. But, he walked away to keep her safe. He had made too many enemies in his work as enforcer and watched both his father and his brother loose their mates to violence. He wasn’t willing to risk Kat.

As the beast within struggles to break free, he must learn to be what she needs… Surviving for centuries, powerful lupine shifter Jayce Kazan managed to stay away from humans until he met Kat Saburova and was consumed by the need to protect her. But while Jayce shared his passion with the human seer, he refused to make her his bondmate—a refusal that caused the end of their relationship. A year later, an attack that left Kat near death has resulted in another lupine shifter turning her. Furious that he wasn’t the one to save her, Jayce is determined to show Kat that he is the one she should rely on. But the newly turned shifter is still traumatized and worried that she’ll hurt those she loves, unless she can learn to control her inner wolf. And as Jayce struggles to protect Kat from her own worst instincts and convince her to rekindle their love, the extremists who almost killed her are looking to finish the job…

But, being the daughter of a drug lord and a friend of the Armstrong/Cordona pack brought danger to Kat’s door anyway. Kidnapped and tortured to the point of death, she had to be turned to save her life. Now Kat has to deal with becoming part of the pack, her recurring nightmares, and her broken heart.

When Jayce steps back into her life, this time intent on never leaving, he has to work hard to regain her trust. Allowing Kat to help him go after the APL (Anti-paranormal league) seems the best way to re-earn her trust and help her feel “back in control” of her life. But can Jayce keep her safe?

Kat has always felt alone, isolated, because of her father’s dubious occupation she has never been able to form close relationships. Kat has always had to be tough and she has a hard time adjusting to pack life. I loved how she always stood up to Jayce, going toe to toe with the “big, bad enforcer”.  I do wish there had been a little more time devoted to Kat’s dealing with her nightmares, and her past trauma. Maybe a little therapy. It was mentioned as an option, but never explored. I know this is fiction, but I hate to think that someone reading Mating Instinct will feel that seeking revenge will cure their psychological trauma. But, maybe the real message was that love can heal your pain.

Werewolves, human supremacists,kidnapping, murder, revenge and love. What more could you ask for in a paranormal romance?


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