Merry X-Moose by Julia TalbotMerry X-Moose by Julia Talbot
Series: Reindeer Games
Published by Other Genres: Paranormal Romance, Romance
Pages: 30
Format: eBook
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Sleigh engineer Laird is an Elf on a mission. He wants comfort and joy for Santa, but his new design needs more pull than eight tiny reindeer can provide. Laird isn't willing to give up on his idea, and when he meets Bruiser, he thinks he might not need to.

Bruiser is living the dream, a moose shifter from Vancouver working for Santa and tutoring baby reindeer. Laird fascinates Bruiser the moment they meet, and they soon find a lot of common ground, in and out of the toy sack. When Laird asks Bruiser to help Santa out, he's terrified he'll mess up, but how can a moose say no to an Elf like Laird?

Reindeer Games: Merry X-Moose by Julia Talbot is a quick and easy read. I have never read this author before so I thought I would give her a try. I don’t really read M/M romances because it isn’t my cup of tea, however this story sounded good so I thought why not. The flow of the story was nicely paced and easy to follow. I don’t plan on reading anything in this genre in the near future but I am glad I gave this one a chance. Reindeer Games: Merry X-Moose is Laird and Bruiser’s story.

Laird works for the big man himself. He enjoys working for Santa and he wants everything to be perfect. As his sleigh engineer he wants him to ride in comfort and efficiency. His newest design has run into some snags, mainly the fact that it is a little too much for the reindeer to handle. It is around that time he meets his perfect match Bruiser. Bruiser loves working for Santa and helping out with the reindeer. When he meets Laird the sparks fly and he finds contentment with him. Laird accepts that he is a Moose shifter and doesn’t seem to mind at all. When he asks him for his help he is more than happy to help him. Will he be able to live up to the task at hand? Or will he find out it is more than he can handle? Will there be a Christmas happily ever after?

I liked Reindeer Games: Merry X-Moose. I liked the characters. They were not complex nor were they too simple. The chemistry between the two main characters is perfect and you can see that they belong together. I would recommend Reindeer Games: Merry X-Moose to anyone who enjoys M/M romances. It may not be my cup of tea but I found it enjoyable. It’s not for everyone but it is a nice Christmas romance.