Kirstin walking out the door devastates Mason. He doesn’t know why Kirstin suddenly isn’t happy with him or their relationship. But he thinks it all started after her last big client- the one he had to refused to sleep with the entire time Kirstin was working for her. Now not only is the same client back, but she is pushing Mason’s old rival at Kirsin. How the one woman who has always gotten him and still has his heart could still be Misunderstanding Mason leaves him confused but he’s not giving up without fighting for his woman!

When Kirstin Jones agreed to work with her live-in boyfriend, Mason, on a freelance job for a wealthy client, she never thought it might destroy their relationship. But the client’s keen observations show her that she’s been little more than Mason’s shadow. Fed up with his insensitivities, she moves out. Weeks later, desperate to stand on her own, she accepts work with the same client once again. Only this time, the project requires Mason’s help. To obtain his aid, she must meet his terms. And what he wants is more than she can afford.
Mason Montgomery is baffled by Kirstin’s claims that he never had time for her. While verbalizing his emotions has never been his strong point, he’s spent five years showing his love. He needs Kirstin more than he wants to admit. When she leaves him, he’ll stop at nothing to get her back, even if it means working with the client who twisted truths and tore his life apart.
This time Mason’s not leaving room for misunderstandings.

Mason Montgomery maybe a genius when it comes to designing computer games, but he lacks some social skills. He has trouble voicing his emotions, it’s true. But he managed to say ‘I love you’ early enough to keep Kirstin happy! Writing computer code from home keeps him in him office for long periods of time, but he thought Kirstin understood him and his ways. She was happy with him and their life for the past five years. But after her last big client in her freelance job, she seemed to change toward him. And now she has moved out! Mason doesn’t know what changed to cause her to leave, so doesn’t know how to get her back. But if he looses her he won’t survive. After all, how can one survive without their heart?

Kirstin Jones wishes things could go back to the way they use to be. Everything was great when she and Mason lived in their cramped apartment where there was no way to avoid each other and not spend time together. But now that he is a big time gamer, he never has time for her. He is obsessed with getting more, better, bigger and work- always working. Kirstin feels like an afterthought now. She has tried talking to him about the changes, but he doesn’t seem to hear her or understand. So Kirstin moved into the neighbor’s basement until she can get enough money together to get her own place. Now her old client has a job for her, but she needs Mason’s help with it. She just can’t believes he wants to charge her! Or seemed upset when Mason’s co-worker offers to help her. But it turns out everyone has things to reveal at the awards banquet she already agreed to go to with Mason. And Mason has a surprise for her that night as well…Misunderstanding Mason is a great romance! We all worry about what happens if one or both of us in a relationship start taking each other for granted no matter how much we love the other. Misunderstanding Mason addresses this problem with a big push from an outside source. And gives the big warning to not only pay attention to you relationship and partner, but judge by other’s standards, only your own! It doesn’t matter what other’s think or want, only if you are happy with your life and what your partner brings you. This is a perfect example that “keeping up with the Jones” can lead you down the wrong road and will NOT make you happy. Kirstin was perfectly happy until she started listening to someone else pointing out what they think of as Mason’s faults. Then suddenly Kirstin found all sorts of things to be unhappy with in Mason. This led her to being unhappy and breaking up with Mason and moving out. Yet once on her own, all she did was miss Mason and her old life even while still ‘seeing’ the issues brought up by that person. Not a good place to be in. While we all could be better people, no one is perfect either and letting others pick apart our happiness is not a way to live.

I like just about everything in Misunderstanding Mason. The feeling of the characters are easy to get into and I have been in those situations before. While Kirstin shouldn’t have let an outsider have so much influence on her relationship, it is easy to see where it could happen. And once someone plants these doubts, they do tend to grow without our wanting them to or control. Mason being a typical oblivious guy has no clue (won’t hear?) that things are really in trouble until they force him to face them by Kirstin moving out. So like a guy! But he is really in love with her, even if he is one of the controlled, shut-down type of guys. To an extent, this could even be considered Kirstin’s fault since she knew and had learned to live with Mason this way, letting him get away with being like this. And she does finally find a way to make him do something about it when she moves out…The big thing in Misunderstanding Mason is that we learn that there has been a lot of mis-communication going on for the last few years that has lead up to this big problem. (The recliner issue, them starting to not go to bed together and such.)They are both a bit to blame for their big problems right now, either due to not wanting to bother the other during stressful times or wanting to make things ‘better’ for the other in some way. It can be odd how our love for another can actually cause more issues then make things better if we don’t take the time and effort to make sure we are doing things the right way to make everyone happy in the long run. Right?

Status Que…Good enough NOT being enough anymore! When a woman stands up to demand more, demands that she is worth more than second hand leftovers-even if the guys job is the only thing that takes all his time and focus- things can go wrong fast. But Kirstin better make sure of her facts before declaring mistreatment, otherwise Misunderstanding Mason will sure to be a mistake and huge heartbreak all around. Luckily for her, Mason isn’t giving her up and his winning her back is so romantic, if a little on the nerdy side (well, he is a computer programmer after all). This is a great warning for us not to take what we have for granted and enjoy our loved ones.