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This book may be unsuitable for people under 18 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
No Safeword Matte – The HoneymoonNo Safeword Matte - The Honeymoon by Candace Blevins
Series: Safeword #8
Published by Other Genres: BDSM, Contemporary Romance, Erotica
Pages: 179
Format: eBook
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The wedding ceremony is over, and the couple is on their way to Hawaii. After so much build-up for the big night, how will Ethan handle it? Sam has no idea, and while she's pretty sure she's ready, she's still a bit nervous. Who wouldn't be?

Most newlyweds don't ride bicycles up and then back down dormant volcanos for fun on their honeymoon, but Sam and Ethan aren't the average couple. They find lots of fun things to do on the islands and in the ocean, and Ethan's creativity knows no bounds when in the privacy of their secluded beach house.

If you've read Safeword: Matte and Safeword: Matte - In Training, you've been waiting for the honeymoon. Here's hoping you enjoy it as much as Sam and Ethan.

After I finished reading No Safeword Matte – The Honeymoon by Candace Blevins, I didn’t know whether I wanted to curl up in a ball to protect all my lady bits or smoke a cigarette. And I don’t even smoke. But this book had such an impact on me that I’m still thinking about it long after I’ve read the last page.

I was so excited to read this book because I have really grown to love and care about Ethan and Samantha (Sam). They are fascinating as individuals but truly compelling as a couple.  The Honeymoon is the third book telling us Ethan and Sam’s story. As their love for each other has grown, so has the trust between Dom and sub. Because of that increased trust, the scenes between the two were able to include more and more pain. Each book has included sexual interactions that may not fit the norm, but with each subsequent story, the S&M interactions between Ethan and Sam have become so much more. Therefore, if you are uncomfortable with the concept of a Dom giving his sub a lot of pain then I don’t recommend you read this book. But if you are able to accept that every stroke with the cane is about love and that a person’s soul can need pain, then No Safeword Matte is an absolute must read.

The reason that you must read this book is because of the relationship between Ethan and Sam. There is so much love between the two and it was evident in everything they did both in and out of the bedroom. I’ve rarely seen a couple so perfectly suited for each other.  I was pulled into their hearts and souls because of the emotions that Ms. Blevins created with her writing.  With each book in this series, I am more in awe with Ms. Blevins’ abilities.

Why am I so amazed? First, Ms. Blevins can write S&M scenes that will make you cringe and be uncomfortable but will keep you glued to the pages with fascination. There is so much detail in everything she writes and I can easily picture everything as it is happening. Then there is the fact that though this is not a lifestyle that I am interested in adapting, Ms. Blevins is able to showcase the love and devotion between the two. I am able to understand why Sam needs the pain and how receiving it is a gift for Ethan.

But this book is about so much more than just pain and pleasure. Ms. Blevins showed that she is just as adept at writing sweet, loving scenes as she is at writing BDSM. There is a touching scene between Sam and a dolphin that left me teary eyed. The Honeymoon showcased the amazing connection between Ethan and Sam as they worked through a variety of issues stemming from changes in their agreed upon roles. The communication between the two is enviable and I was amazed how well they knew each other and were able to anticipate each other’s wants and needs so clearly.

I am so not ready to say goodbye to Ethan and Sam yet and luckily I don’t need to. Ms. Blevins has another book planned for these two with No Safeword Matte – Happily Ever After.  I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for these two amazing people.