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Offside (The Dartmouth Cobras) by Bianca SommerlandOffside by Bianca Sommerland
Published by Self published Genres: BDSM, Contemporary Romance
Pages: 528
Format: eBook
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Single mother and submissive Rebecca Bower abandoned her career as a sports reporter to become a media consultant with her brother’s hockey team. A failed marriage to a selfish man makes her wary of getting involved with another. Unfortunately, chemistry is hard to deny, and all her hormones are dancing when she gets close to the Cobra’s sniper, Scott Demyan.

Zachary Pearce ‘came out’ to the world last season to shift attention away from a teammate. And his one night with Scott Demyan had been unsettling. There could be more there, if only Scott was a different person. Instead, a night of sensual BDSM play with Becky leaves him wanting more, but she thinks he’s gay and questions his interest. It’s been a long time since a woman has attracted him both as a man and a Dom, and he’ll do everything in his power to prove she’s the only one he needs. Or wants. His one time with Scott was a mistake.

Scott might have forgotten what happened in his childhood, but the effects linger, and he specializes in drunken one-night stands…until he meets Zach and Becky and sees what he’s missing. But neither one believes Scott can be faithful. Although he’s trying hard to clean up his act to avoid getting kicked off the team, they want more from him. He’s willing to make changes, but the most important one—putting their happiness before his own—means he’ll probably end up alone.

Offside by Bianca Sommerland is the fourth book in the Dartmouth Cobra series. The series follows the members of the Dartmouth Cobra hockey team as they try to find love and happiness.  As a fan of the series, I was eagerly awaiting this installment. It did not disappoint and even exceeded my already high expectations. You don’t need to be a hockey fan to enjoy this delightful book – just a fan of good writing, relatable characters, and hot, sexy loving.

Offside is a beautiful, well written story of three people working past their inner demons and learning to find love. I found myself alternating between laughing and crying as I was pulled into the emotional roller coaster of Becky, Zach and Scott’s relationship. Ms Sommerland has created complicated characters that you can relate to because they are not perfect but have flaws and insecurities just like we all do. Becky has to balance her role as a single mother and a working woman and learn to trust her instincts again. Zach has to learn that even as a Dom, he cannot control everything and that it’s okay. Scott must overcome a difficult childhood and accept that he is worthy of love.

Ms. Sommerland adds to this emotional journey some really steamy sex scenes. Offside shows another side of a BDSM relationship and how important trust and communication is to this type of relationship. Ms. Sommerland’s attention to detail made each sex scene leap off the page and raise the temperature in the room.

Reading Offside was like watching your favorite soap opera. Throughout the series, we have learned to love and cheer for this dysfunctional family as they grow and mature and find the love that we all seek. Though the main focus of this book is Becky, Zach and Scott, Ms. Sommerland doesn’t forget the other characters who we have been introduced to and that we have grown to care about. Their storylines continue as they struggle with the normal ups and downs that come with a real relationship. It was wonderful to revisit with Oriana, Silver, Jami and their men, as well as, learn more about Akira and her struggles. We even meet new characters that I am sure will be seen more in forthcoming books.

Please note that this should not be considered a standalone book. If you have not read the first three books in the Cobra series, then you will miss much of what makes Offside so special. Offside is a longer than average novel, but this is terrific because you won’t want it to end. Fortunately, Ms. Sommerland plans more books about this wonderful hockey family. Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on this series. Offside is just more proof that The Dartmouth Cobras are the hottest thing on ice!