Sizzling Hot Books is open to hosting authors for interviews, guest blogs, and spotlights.

However please note we will not re-post a guest blog that has been used throughout an authors tour. If an author doesn’t have time to create guest blogs for each host on a tour, then it is suggested they book a spotlight instead of guest blogs.

We reserve the right to refuse any spot, as well as the right to refuse to change from one type of post to another, depending on the schedule.

If an author schedules an interview, the interview questions must be the one’s Sizzling Hot Books sent. We will not post a interview without our questions unless it was worked out prior to the date.

Giveaway Policy

Any names, mailing addresses and/or email address collected by Sizzling Hot Books will never be shared or distributed. Information gathered can be and will be passed along to any giveaway sponsors; which may include publishers, authors, or blog tour coordinators. By providing Sizzling Hot Books with your name, address and/or email you are authorizing us to forward the necessary information on to the giveaway sponsor.

Giveaways end on Saturdays and winners will be chosen using Rafflecopter or random.org by Sizzling Hot Books.

Giveaways that are sponsored will be the responsibility of that sponsor to distribute any and all prizes.  Sizzling Hot Books will not be responsible for any prizes lost, stolen, misplaced or any other reason that is beyond our control.

Review Policy

Sizzling Hot Books currently open to receiving books for review, author interviews, blog tours, contests, or anything else you might have in mind. If you’ve had your book reviewed and are looking for our Reviewed Author Graphics, please CLICK HERE.

All reviews will be posted here, and Manic Readers. We will also email the author/publisher to inform them that the review done.

We accept print and e-books. Our preferred genres are…

Romance (all genres)


Urban Fantasy




Young Adult


We are always up for trying a new genre or a new author. So please feel free to contact us at[email protected]

We have a account with Manic Readers for their Review Depot. You can submit reviews via theReview Depot or by emailing me at ([email protected]) with the following information….

Book Title:




Release Date:


Please attach the PDF file, and cover art for any submissions.

If have or are thinking about submitting a book for review we will guarantee…

1. All opinions on the book will be our’s alone. We will be honest with our feeling. If we do not care for your book, we going to tell you that, but we will do it tactfully. We will explain why or what we thought it was lacking. We believe in constructive criticism when needed, but not harsh or insulting.

2. If we receive a book before it is published (advance review copy) we will do our best to have the review posted prior to the release date, or a date agreed upon with the author/publicist. (This is subject to personal emergencies). We require at least two weeks before the release date to have it up by or on the release date.

3. If we have received a book after it was published we will add it to my stack and get to it as soon as possible. We will work in the order I received it / by release dates. Usually within two to four weeks we will have read any book sent to me.

4. If your novel is part of a series, that we have not read we will generally try to read the prior novels before, unless the author says it can also be read as a stand alone book. If we do not have the prior novels, and you wish to send them that will result in a quicker review, since we will not have to track them down.

Our reviews will include cover art, a synopsis of the novel, and our personal thoughts about the book. We will focus on the plot, character development, writing style, ending, and the overall series or book. Please feel free to contact me if interested with your review requests or any questions that you may have.

Things you will find here at Sizzling Hot Books…

* Reviews

* Author Interviews/Guest Blogs

* Giveaways

* In the News (cover chat, book news, release dates)

* In our Mailbox

* Sizzling Read of the Month

*Sizzling Cover

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