A Christmas Collection by Karen Michelle Nutt

February 27, 2013 Reviews 0

ChristmasA Christmas Collection by Karen Michelle Nutt is a Christmas anthology with seven wonderful Christmas stories. I enjoyed all of them. A Christmas Collection contains stories by Cheryl Pierson, John Duncklee, Joshua R. Shinn, Stephanie Burkhart, Chuck Tyrell, Gerald Costlow, and Karen Michelle Nutt. The stories are: The Wishing Tree, Holiday Surprise, Snowy Cocoon, Gifts, Kimberly’s Christmas Cake, Family Heirloom, and Mistletoe, Stakes, and Yuletide Cheer. I enjoyed all the stories in A Christmas Collection but my favorites were The Wishing Tree and Mistletoe, Stakes, and Yuletide Cheer.

Christmas in Bayeaux by Stephanie Burkhart The ravages of war have taken their toll on Aiden and he travels to Bayeaux, France, on a pilgrimage of sorts. Noel provides a place for him to stay and acts as his guide. Will Noel be able to help him feel again and can Aiden find what he is searching for? Mars Needs Men by Gerald Costlow Carla, a communication specialist, tries to help an astronaut who will be in space for another year not have an unhappy Christmas. Now she is the one with a problem. Next Christmas the astronauts will return and her secret will be revealed. Only a miracle can keep her world from falling apart. Fast Forward Love by Rita Hestand Connie and Ed are both widowed and everyone thinks they would make a great couple. Connie is interested, but Ed seems to have an on-again, off-again attitude that rocks her self confidence and adds to her loneliness. What is wrong with her? Or is it him? Wanted by Karen Michelle Nutt Six year-old Emma is convinced her Christmas wish and premonition has come true when outlaw JoBeth Riley is brought into town. Emma’s father, Sheriff Jace Kelly, must keep JoBeth from being broken out by the leader of the outlaw gang. JoBeth finds the Kellys a strange lot when forced to spend Christmas with them.

The Wishing Tree is a story of three wounded hearts finding each other. Pete Cochran is a war vet that was wounded. He lost so much across seas. He lost part of himself and he hadn’t gotten it back. He is a wounded man inside and out. He didn’t think he could ever be happy again. Then they walk into his life….Maria and her son Miguel. They light up his life like lights on a Christmas tree. Maria and her son are living from month to month and things are hard. They don’t have everything they want but they have what they need, and they have each other and that is what matters most. They spend as much time together as possible. In fact she walks him to and from school every day. Maria notices a man at the Christmas Tree lot and she is inexplicably attracted to him. She could tell that there was more to him than meets the eye. When gives her and her son a Christmas Tree she invites him over to dinner. Just when things are going good her no good brother shows up and ruins things. Will all their Christmas wishes come true or will the drama ruin everything before it has even had a chance to start?

Mistletoe, Stakes, and Yuletide Cheer is a paranormal Christmas romance. Mistletoe, Stakes, and Yuletide Cheer is Tremayne and Cassandra’s story. It is a story of opposites attracting. In this case it is the hunter falling for her prey. Cassandra’s family hunts down things people don’t believe exist. She has been a vampire slayer for as long as she can remember. Her parents gave her a slayer kit when she was a just a girl. She was sent to kill Tremayne but from the moment she saw him she was attracted to him. Tremayne is a Vampire and he is attracted to Cassandra but she was a hunter sent to kill him. He is tormented by a past that has left a hole in his heart that no one has been able to fill. He wouldn’t even let him try because he felt so guilty. Will meeting Cassandra change everything? Or will he let the past ruin their future? How will they make things work with their families are so different?

A Christmas Collection is a delightful group of Christmas stories. I loved that they were set during the holidays it added to the magic of each of the stories. I would love to read other stories by each of the featured authors. I would recommend A Christmas Collection anthology to anyone who enjoys Christmas romances.

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