A Very Russian Christmas by Krystal Shannan

December 14, 2012 Reviews 0

Ksenia Sharanov was heading home for Christmas. Her father and grandmother were expecting her back in Russia for A Very Russian Christmas. She was studying in NYC to get away from the vendetta between her family and another. She never admitted to anyone that her father was a mobster. Her father hoped that if she was in American, she wouldn’t be murdered like her mother and brother. Driven by her body guard Yuri, they are waylaid on the way to the airport, Yuri killed and Ksenia dragged off.

For most of her adult life, bodyguards have shadowed Ksenia Sharanov, daughter of a Russian mobster. Her one serious relationship left her broken-hearted when she learned he only sought her father’s power and money. A ski vacation with her college roommates ends on a terrifying note. Her father’s enemies have been following her more closely than anyone could have anticipated. The mistake will cost a life…but will it cost her heart? Or will she find love in the arms of a complete stranger? Matt O’Reilly, a retired Marine, generally keeps to himself. Working as a deputy in a small country sheriff’s office, provides just enough seclusion for him to cut himself off from his family’s pity and the heartache of losing his wife. He never thought love would be in the books for him again. Will the sudden arrival of a spunky dark-haired Russian beauty change his mind?

Matt had bought a cabin and planned on leaving the Marines and living there with his wife. He had already accepted a job as deputy sheriff when she died. He moved there anyway, the home they shared too hard to go back to. Starting his holiday, Matt discovers a young woman trying to escape kidnappers. As he sees a man aiming a gun to kill her, he shoots first. As he goes to her he discovers a beauty, milky white skin, long black lashes, on the verge of hypothermia. He is furious. He also sees a handprint across her face and a cut. He takes her to the closest shelter which is his cabin.

Ksenia wakes up in the arms of a man. Warm cozy and against abs she’d like to explore. But who was he? She is afraid he is another Russian mobster after her! She finds that instead he is her rescuer and warns him that others will be after her. Cozy and snowed in together, they give in to their attraction. But only one of the kidnappers was killed. There are at least two more after her. And her very protective father is on the way also, alerted by her cutoff call before she was dragged away.

A Very Russian Christmas takes place in a short period of time. Ksenia is a very determined young woman. A Very Russian Christmas has just a bit of grit, mixing the Russian language with the beauty of the snowy mountains and the toughness of Matt and Ksenia. A Very Russian Christmas is a well written Christmas romance.

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