Back in Bliss (Nights in Bliss, Colorado #9) by Sophie Oak

May 29, 2013 Reviews 0 ★★★★★


It was like Christmas morning when I found Back in Bliss on my e-reader. I couldn’t wait to unwrap my present and begin reading. I stayed up much later than I should have on a work night to finish it up. That’s how good Back in Bliss is.

Back in Bliss is proof that love can conquer all. Logan and Seth have been best friends since childhood. They consider themselves brothers. But Logan is facing demons after being captured and tortured by the Russian mob. He met Georgia in a previous Sophie Oak book, but let Georgia go because he was so full of pain that he didn’t believe he deserved her.  Through some machinations by Seth, Georgia ends up working as Seth’s assistant. Seth believes that he is watching over Georgia for his best friend, but he ultimately falls in love with her. Now, he just needs to convince Logan that the three of them can be the perfect family.

Georgia is a delightful, complex woman. She has four older brothers who have always taken care of her and she enjoys her rich, spoiled princess persona. But underneath that all, she just wants to be somebody’s “someone special.” She loves both Seth and Logan because together they can provide her with everything she needs. Georgia just needs to believe in her own self-worth and fight for what she wants. Her character development throughout the book is a pleasure to watch. I believed that Georgia was able to grow into a woman who earned the love and respect of the entire town of Bliss.

Logan is a broken man when Back in Bliss begins. He is full of such anger and pain that he lashes out at everyone, even those who love him the most. As the details of Logan’s torture are revealed, you better understand why he is having such a difficult time letting go of the anger. I found myself crying along with Logan as he finally allowed love to heal his wounds. Logan’s story and subsequent healing is one of the most poignant stories that I have read. I am greatly impressed by Ms. Oak’s ability to make Logan seem even more masculine as he gets in touch with his feelings and deals with his fears. Bravo!

Seth reminds me of a little boy who doesn’t understand why everyone won’t just do what he tells them to do since he knows what’s best. His own growth into a man who learns to listen to and understand his partners’ wants and needs just make Seth even sexier.

Amidst all this overwhelmimg emotion is some great, hot sex! The bedroom scenes offer not one, but two hot men to dominate Georgia and show her that she is special.

Sophie Oak has created an amazing extended cast of characters. Returning to Bliss is like coming home. It’s an amazing place where ménage is the norm and the women pride themselves on becoming members of the “I Shot the Son of a Bitch!” club. I loved revisiting those whom I fell in love with in previous books and seeing where they are now. And I am intrigued by the future story for Nell and Henry that has been hinted at.

Back in Bliss is the ninth book in the Bliss, Colorado series. You do not need to have read the others in order to fully appreciate Back in Bliss. However, if you fall in love with this amazing town like I did, you won’t be able to stop yourself from going back and reading them all. But at least you will have something to do while you wait for the next book. Trust me, you want to be Back in Bliss!

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