Bed, Breakfast, and You by Maddie James

June 24, 2010 Reviews 0

Bed, Breakfast, and You is Maddie James novella from the Ladies of Legend: Finding Home anthology. Bed, Breakfast, and You is a heartwarming, fast-past novella.

Suzie Schul is perfectly fine with her perfect little life. Well, of course, her husband Cliff did run off about a year ago with her little sister, and she did have that little fling with that hunky chef Brad in Gatlinburg, ahem, right before Cliff left, but did she still have to be the talk of the town? Of course, the town doesn’t know she had left Cliff when she got that job as sous chef for the fancy hotel. And of course they don’t know anything about her, um, fling. All that aside, she’s learned that time heals all wounds and now, she’s perfectly content to live in her little hometown of Legend, Tennessee, work on her cookbook, and run Legend’s Landing Bed and Breakfast.
Until Brad Matthews comes to town. Looking for her. And with a plan.

Legend’s Landing Bed & Breakfast owner Suzie lives a busy life. Besides running her B & B, she pursues her other passions such as teaching cooking classes, perfecting recipes, and writing cookbooks. She is a lady of many talents and is a well round character, that is so full of life. When she needs to relax she could be found indulging in some bubble therapy, now who can’t relate to that? Suzie was strong character, and went through a number of rough times, but she wasn’t willing to give up.

Suzie is living her life, like any other day when it is suddenly shook to the core when an old flame strolls back into her life. Suzie hasn’t laid eyes on Brad Matthews in 18 months when he suddenly shows up in Legend to find Suzie and to start his life over, hopefully with Suzie by his side. Brad is slightly cocky but is a good way. He isn’t full of himself like many cocky men can be. He knows what he wants and is willing to fight for it. Suzie is the women he wants, but will she accept him? Brad has something up his sleeve that might tear them apart, before they can rekindle what they had.

In my opinion Legend, Tennessee was the perfect setting for this book. The small town feeling where everyone knew everyone else business was perfect for this. Bed, Breakfast, and You makes you feel like you grew up in the small town of Legend.

When Maddie James asked me to review her novella Bed, Breakfast, and You from Ladies of Legend: Finding Home, I was thrilled. She creates a story that you can feel breath, and pulse with life. Her characters are vibrant and Bed, Breakfast, and You is no different. It is an extraordinary read that you don’t want to miss.

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  1. Maddie James

    Marissa, THANK YOU so much for reading Bed, Breakfast & You. I love Suzie and am glad you liked her too. Once I wrote this story, I couldn’t let her go, as I’m sure you’re seeing in the next book. I’m so glad you liked it!



    I love Suzie. I can see why you couldn’t let her go. I just finished Home for the Holidays and the review for that will be posted this weekend. These books are amazing.

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