Bolted by Meg Benjamin

May 21, 2013 Reviews 0 ★★★★

Bolted, book two in the Promise Harbor Wedding series, was certainly a laugh out loud, good-time read. I found myself traveling side by side through this journey with the everyday, lovable Greta, (book one’s hero’s sister) and  Hank (the sexy archeologist), with a smile on my face many, many times.

So like the first book in the Promise Harbor Wedding series, Bolted starts out at the wedding of Josh and Allie. This time though, the main character is Greta, the grooms sister. Greta’s not exactly happy to be at this wedding, due to the fact that she has her own emotional issues going on at the moment. But she buckles down, sucks it up and goes. But then things go a little bit sour, and the wedding of course flops. Now Greta decides that it’s best if maybe she disappears for a while herself, that way her mother doesn’t have an emotional break down when Greta tells her of her OWN divorce.

So down the road Greta goes, only to come upon a sexy archeologist stuck in a literal hole. She rescues him (green ugly dress and all) and thus this adorable little story begins…

First the characters. Gotta love a girl who can rock a green dress while long rescuing a sexy man stuck in a hole. Greta was feisty, darn right hilarious at times, and an absolute joy to read about. And then there’s Hank. The loner archeologist who sets Greta’s heart instantly on fire. He was a darn good guy. Sweet, loving, but not overly domineering. I loved his patience. There are not many heroes out there who can literally pull that off. My only issue was the fact that these two just didn’t have the heat and connection with one another that I usually adore. Sure the sexy times were well written, I just didn’t feel them. I really don’t know why that is either…

Overall, Bolted was a well written, fun story. I loved the characters, I loved how it wasn’t an instant love connection, and I really loved how open the ending was (well, to me it was) left kind of open for these two. There was no declarations, no huge anti climatic moments, just a simple easy read that entertained me till the very end. I giggled a lot, and loved the banter between the hero and heroine, I just wanted something a bit more emotional. Over all though, Bolted was a great second book in the Promise Harbor Series, and I absolutely can’t wait to read more!

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