Bound by Bonnie Bliss

May 29, 2013 Reviews 0 ★★★★

Bound by Bonnie Bliss is a good BDSM romance read. I enjoyed the three stories in Bound. The stories are interlaced and all centered around the same characters. The stories in Bound are: Bondage on the 4th of July, Halloween Submission, and A Slave for Christmas. I would read more books by Bonnie Bliss because I enjoyed Bound so much.


Bondage on the 4th of July centers on Brad, Kenny, and Millie. Millie has loved Brad for as long as she can remember. They have been best friends along with her brother Tom since they were kids. When she began to have feelings for him Tom discouraged her so she backed off. Now that they are older she is not going to Tom get in the way. She knows what she wants and she is going to have him. Brad is home on leave with his buddy Kenny and they aim to have a good time. When Brad sees Millie again he knows he is in love with her and he knows he wants her. Kenny finds her attractive to and would love to show her the ropes in the BDSM world. What will happen when the three of them get together? Will they find bliss in each other’s arms? Or will they find something else?

Halloween Submission centers on Tom and Lucy. Lucy is Millie’s best friend and she has always had a thing for her brother. Lucy has always told her that the two of them would be perfect but nothing has ever happened between the two, much to Lucy’s dismay. Lucy does not think things could ever work out between her and Tom because she is into BDSM, she wants to submit to a master and most guys seem to shy away from that, or at least that has been her experience. When Millie invites her to a BDSM party she isn’t sure she wants to go but she lets her talk her into it. When she is there she sees Tom and is thrilled especially when he agrees to dominate her. Tom has had a thing for Lucy forever but he isn’t sure it would work out so he has never approached her about it. He reluctantly agrees to go to his friend’s BDSM party to find a sub to keep him busy. He doesn’t expect to find anyone like Lucy and that is who he wants. When he finds a willing sub there is something about her that he can’t put his finger on. When he finds out who it is will he be happy? Or will he run for the hills? Will the two of them find what they are looking for in each other?

A Slave for Christmas centers on Kenny and Lindsey. Kenny is hurt in the line of duty and he is stuck in a hospital for the holidays. His best friend Brad is planning to stay by his side but he told him to go home to Millie. He also told him that he knows that the two of them are meant to be and he needs to find the one he is meant to be with. He is attracted to Lindsey, a nurse that works in the hospital he is in, and intends to try to start something with her. Everything about her oozes the fact that she is a submissive and he intends to take full advantage of that. Lindsey on the other hand knows exactly who Kenny is and she has always had a crush on him. She is surprised that he does not recognize her and maybe that is for the better. When he expresses interest in her she is a bit scared but she knows that he is the one for her. Can the two of them find peace and love over the holiday season? Or will it end up not meant to be?

I enjoyed reading Bound a lot and like I said above I will be looking for other books by this author. I don’t think I liked one story over the others because they are all equally good. Bound is full of memorable characters that will keep the reader engaged from start to finish. I liked that most of the characters were lifelong friends and had a long history together. It gave them all a familiarity that worked well. I would recommend Bound to anyone who enjoys a good BDSM romance read.

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