Dark Diary: II: The First by Dawne Dominique

April 29, 2013 Reviews 0 ★★★★★

Dark Diary: II: The First by Dawne Dominique is the second installment in The First Series. Dark Diary: II: The First is Aiden and Daniella’s story. I enjoyed Aiden and Daniella’s story just as much as I enjoyed Eden and Addison and Eva’s story in Eden’s Hell: I: The First. I look forward to reading more of the First Series.

Daniella is one of the first vampires. She was not created she was born this way. Her mother had loved her and had kept her a secret to keep her alive and once she had died Daniella had kept to herself. She did not associate with her kind. She would rather live on her own and by her own rules. She didn’t care about the Vampire Bible or any other Bible for that matter. She only preyed on the filth of the earth, the people no one would miss, the ones who deserved to die. She only ate to sustain herself. She didn’t really live to kill like others of her kind. She liked it that way and she wanted to keep it that way. Things were about to change…especially after she meets Aiden. He is human but there is something about him that draws her in. She can’t help herself. She begins to have feelings that she has never had before. Feelings she did not know she was capable of. They are investigating a string of murders that seem to be connected to her. The victims are people she has fed off of and one by one they have been killed. They have got to find out what is going on before the body count rises and before it is too late. Will they be successful? Will Daniella break her rules for Aiden? Or will she continue to live the way she has for all these years?
Aiden is a police detective that is assigned to the latest serial killing case. He has also been assigned to “babysit” Daniella. He has been told not to let her out of his sight because she seems to be connected to the string of murders. She has admitted to knowing all the victims. She also says she doesn’t know what is going on and he intends to find out if she is telling the truth. He is good at his job and he knows that with a lot of hard work and time he can solve the murder. What he didn’t count on was having feelings for Daniella. He’s been attracted to her from the start. The problem is he can’t seem to get her out of his mind or his dreams. She is somewhat of a distraction to him. They have been trying to find the answers to the case together. Why are all the murders connected to her? Why can’t he get her out of his head? Why are strange things happening? And why does it seem like someone has been watching her? Can the two of them find the answers to these questions and many more?

I would highly recommend Dark Diary: II: The First. It has plenty of intrigue and plot twist that will keep the reader actively involved in the story. I enjoyed Daniella’s character because she had integrity. She stuck by her convictions and rules. I also liked her back story. Aiden is an interesting character as well. I think he was a strong character because he held his own in a world he was not familiar with. He was a good match for Daniella even though she has never planned to fall in love with a vampire and especially not with a human. I like that they were perfect for each other. I also like that he was a brave man and the fact that he would fight till death if it meant keeping her safe. I would say anyone who enjoys paranormal vampire fiction would enjoy Dark Diary: II: The First and I would recommend it to readers of this genre.

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