Dates Du Jour by Maddie James

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Dates Du Jour is something different then a lot of romance novels. Alyssa Larkin’s plan was to find herself a husband then she could in turn divorce him. She thought it would make herself more respectable, and she didn’t want to be an old maid. I loved that twist but to me it seemed like a crazy plan, and I had to laugh at it a little.

Speed dating? Speed eating is more like it. When Suzie sets up lunch date after lunch date for Lyssa Larkin, Legend’s homegrown homecoming queen of 1992, she knows she’s about bit off more than she can chew. Lyssa inspects and rejects her dates in two bites and then sends them on their way. Suzie wonders if she really wants to date or just eat two lunches, and worries that soon Lyssa’s hips won’t fit on her dainty chairs.
That is, until Suzie takes a risk with a man the exact opposite of what Lyssa describes as “perfect for her.” A man that Lyssa knows, but doesn’t know, and is falling for her hard and fast. Suzie just can’t help but work some of her matchmaking magic behind the scenes….

Lyssa’s whole plan changes when her client M. Roberts ask her to watch Paws and Buttercup, his golden retrievers, while he is out of town. Mack is a window, who got Paws and Buttercup to help with the loneliness.

I enjoyed the love story between Lyssa and Mack. It made me remember the days of dating my husband when we were always thinking of each other and couldn’t get enough of each other. Lyssa and Mack remind me of that. While he is away on his business trip, he starts emailing her, then texting her, and finally calling her, and that’s all before they have even met face to face. I love the fast, hot relationship between them.

Another thing I liked about Dates Du Jour was Suzie invited her stalker for a lunch date with Lyssa by mistake. It was something I had to laugh about. I am glad it didn’t turn out bad. However I think I might have liked a little more story with the stalker.

Being a huge animal lover, I cherished Paws and Buttercup, and their irresistible personalities. Dates Du Jour is such wonderfully written that you can see the playful puppies running around the house, and sleeping in the bed. Dates Du Jour is a wonderful read, that makes you believe in both puppy love and unconditional love.

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  1. Maddie James

    Hi Marissa! I just saw this. So glad you liked Dates du Jour! I loved the puppies, too. And Lyssa, what a character!

    Thanks so much,

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