Double Her Fantasy by Randi Alexander

May 20, 2013 Reviews 0 ★★★★

Double Her Fantasy by Randi 17831853Alexander is a quick, but sexy ménage. It has double the hotness and double the fun!

Megan first meets movie star Garret on an elevator but he doesn’t make a great first impression. Garret invites Megan for a drink in order to apologize. When she arrives at his suite, she’s met by his equally hunky brother. Megan is attracted to both men. How can she decide?

Luckily, she doesn’t have to because the brothers like to share their women. And once they decide that they want Megan, they put the full court press on making it hard to resist.

The characters in Double Her Fantasy were fleshed out even in such a quick read. Megan has had some difficulties in the past with a stalker so she has withdrawn from the public eye and is overly cautious. Garret and Trey have chosen different career paths but both men are thoughtful and considerate. Though they have made it very clear to Megan that they want her, they have made it equally clear that they will never do anything she doesn’t want to do.

Double Her Fantasy’s sex scenes were so hot that my e-reader began to smoke. Who wouldn’t want a hot, sexy cowboy AND a hot, sexy movie star giving you all their love and attention? I know that I do! The chemistry between these three, whether it’s in or out of the bedroom, jumps off the page. And there is no shortage of plot to keep you interested away from the bedroom.

There is the brief mention of a stalker but this potentially interesting subplot was dropped before it could ever take off. This seems a shame because it would have provided some great tension. And I felt that the ending arrived too soon. There seemed to be so much more story line that could have been included. But that’s because I enjoyed these characters so much that I wanted to find out more about their love and their lives.

Overall, Double Her Fantasy was an enjoyable read. So don’t miss out! Add this one to your summer reading list.

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