Eden’s Hell, I: The First by Dawne’ Dominique

April 9, 2013 Reviews 0 ★★★★★

Eden’s Hell, I: The First by Dawne’ Dominique is a paranormal romance read that takes the reader back to the beginning of time. Eden’s Hell, I: The First is the first book in Dominique’s The First Series. Eden’s Hell, I: The First has a unique view of the origins of Vampires. It was one I had never read before. I enjoyed Addison and Eva’s story. I look forward to reading more books in The First Series.

One night would change Eva’s life forever. She had no idea what her boyfriend Ryder was getting her into. He took her to a party that she didn’t even want to go to. Once there she could not convince him to leave. She was uneasy and she didn’t know why. The next thing she knows she wakes up to Satrina, a vampire, biting into her neck. Somehow she manages to escape and runs straight into Addison’s arms, who happen to be another vampire. Somehow she ended up in more trouble than she bargained for. She is stuck with Addison because he is protecting her from Satrina, but she is unsure of how she feels about that. During their time together she realizes he is nothing like Satrina and she begins developing feelings for him. Can she get over the fact that he is a vampire? Or will she leave him the moment it is safe?

Addison is a vampire, but he is not like the typical vampires. He grew tired of that life a long time ago. When he feeds he chooses to feed off criminals and people that society would not mourn for, people that are seen as less than. He does not like the cards he was dealt but he is doing the best that he can with the hand he has. When he sees Eva running on the beach he knows there could only be one reason…Satrina. She must be one of her latest “projects”. When he sees her he knows he has to rescue her. There is just something about her. He falls in love with her but he does not want to condemn her to his fate so he fights it. To make matters worse Satrina is doing everything she can to get her back…including taking them before the elders for them to decide Eva’s fate. He is in love with Eva but she doesn’t know everything about him, she doesn’t know how and why he is vampire. She doesn’t know who he really is. When she finds out will she leave him? Or will his secret draw them closer together?

I loved loved loved Eden’s Hell, I: The First. It was an amazing read. It had some unexpected twists in the plot and kept me reading until the last page. I loved Addison’s character because he was truly searching for redemption. He was not evil and he only wanted to be the “man” his creator created him to be. I loved how Eva brought out more good in him as well. Eva’s character was a bit annoying to me at first. The fact that she would go with Ryder into a situation she was not comfortable with was asking for trouble in my opinion. I like how she ended up though. She was a good strong female character that played well with Addison’s character. I enjoyed the back story between Satrina and Addison as well. Satrina was a good “evil” character. She was manipulative and didn’t care what others thought of her. I would recommend Eden’s Hell, I: The First to anyone who enjoys paranormal romances. However, I must say that it is not for everyone. If you are a strictly by the Bible type of person I would not recommend Eden’s Hell, I: The First because some of the material may be considered offensive.

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