Freedom to Submit by Melody Snow Monroe

July 13, 2013 Reviews 0 ★★★

Freedom to Submit is the first book in Melody Snow Monroe’s Freedom, Colorado series. While I found it to be an entertaining book, I thought it could have been so much more than it was. Freedom to Submit is one of those books that is pleasant to read, but doesn’t really leave a lasting impression.

Freedom to Submit begins with Danisa (Dani) and her friends at a stakeout. After witnessing a murder, they call the police. Who shows up but Dani’s high school crush Brady who is now the sheriff.  Dani is still hot for the hunky sheriff so when her life is threatened by the killer, she accepts Brady’s offer to recover safely at his and Lucas’ ranch.

Freedom to Sumbit was a mixed bag for me. There were definitely some things that I liked about the book, but some parts of Freedom to Submit just did not work for me. I liked the character of Dani because of her sassy attitude, strength of character, her empathy for the murder victim’s son, and her determination to find the killer.  The fact that she loves Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups only made me like her more.

Ms. Monroe used the past relationship between Dani and Brady to justify the sexual relationship they had. “Maybe if she hadn’t known Brady from the past, she might have been leery too.” However, I did not sense a connection between Dani and Lucas to explain why she was so quick to jump into bed with him. It was like “Hello. You’re hot. Let me sleep with you and let you spank me” I needed more connection between Dani and Lucas. I also needed more explanation why Lucas and Brady like to share women.

Every D/s relationship is different and I appreciated that Ms. Monroe respected that by creating her own unique type of dynamic between the trio. Lucas and Brady had different levels of expectation from Dani. Dani was not a typical sub, but their D/s dynamic was no less believable.  Both Brady and Lucas came across as Alpha males in the bedroom and their focus was on Dani’s pleasure. I was surprised by how easily Dani not only accepted the lifestyle, but especially the pain aspect of it. She never seemed to hesitate or be concerned about giving up control. As a result, the sex scenes in Freedom to Submit went straight from hot to boiling! I mean, what woman doesn’t want two sexy men focusing on her pleasure.

The mystery of who was the killer and what the motive was seemed almost an afterthought. I just didn’t feel the tension or any fear from Dani. The final reveal of who the killer was seemed unimportant. Even after the killer held a gun to Dani, Brady forgave the killer as a guy who just made some bad choices. Seriously? Interesting attitude for a lawman.

Freedom to Submit is well written and everything flows into a storyline that made sense. But I just kept expecting and hoping for more. I have read other books by Ms. Monroe that I have enjoyed more than Freedom to Submit. And that’s why I have to give only three stars.

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