Gone by Barb Han

June 10, 2013 Reviews 0 ★★★★

I have to admit, I was a little nervous about starting Gone. I haven’t been too much into the romantic suspense genre lately because they’ve all been feeling the same to me. But boom . . . along comes Gone, and the moment I started it, I was so hooked on the premise and characters that I found myself staying up way to late to function the next morning. And it’s been months since a book kept me up late at night, let me just say. . .
Elizabeth can’t remember anything, other than her name and a vision of a boy with whom she is desperately attached to, even though she has no idea who he was. She’s in a mental institution, and has no way of getting out due to the fact that she is being drugged into a dismal state of nothingness. Not just by a crooked doctor, but by her insane mother, who also insists that Elizabeth’s memories are only hallucinations.
Then along comes a new medic…the sexy ex-soldier David. He’s been through his own terrors, in both combat and with his personal life. He in no way wants to get attached to anyone, that is until he’s been given the assignment of taking care of Elizabeth. He’s drawn to her, and finds himself falling for her almost right away, but he’s been told that Elizabeth isn’t someone he needs to get involved with. In other words, he’s been told to stay the heck away from her. But David can’t do that. Not when he knows something is not right with her care, and not when his feelings for her intensify.
I really enjoyed the characters in Gone. They were very well-developed and the emotions they exhibited really sucked me into their world.  Elizabeth was strong-willed, and willing to do whatever it took to get her life back. And David was sweet, and passionate, and so deserving of any sort of happiness because he gave, and gave, and gave some more. I love a fictional man who is willing to sacrifice everything in his own life for the woman he loves.
Gone was a fast paced thrill ride that kept me on my toes, and guessing until the very end. And  then even after I set my Kindle down, I couldn’t get Gone out of my head. It was sexy, but not over done. It was dramatic, without a lot of drama. And it was intense without any really, overpowering events occurring. Over all it was a great read, that romantic suspense fans will devour, if they’re looking for something not over the top intense. I highly recommend Gone and can’t wait to read more from Ms. Han in the future.

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