Heart of the Billionaire by J.S. Scott

July 16, 2013 Reviews 0 ★★★★

Heart of the Billionaire is another installment in the Billionaires Obsession series, however this is Sam and Maddie’s story rather than a continuance of Simon and Kara’s story. I enjoyed Heart of a Billionaire because I had previously met Sam and Maddie in the Billionaire’s Obsession Complete Set and it had left me wondering about Sam and Maddie. It made several references to them and their history but never gave us the details. Well we find out exactly what their past is and why they behaved the way that they did in the other books.

Sam and his brother Simon are self-made billionaires and they worked hard to get where they are today. There is only one thing wrong with Sam…he has never forgotten the one girl that rocked his world back when he was in college. She loved him for who he was before he made his billions. He would love to reconnect with her but she hates him and for good reason. He regrets what he did to her and he wishes with every breath that he could take back that moment. If he could do it all over again he would do things differently. He would tell her that she meant everything to him and that he could not live without her. Now he will do everything in his power to rectify and explain the situation to her but she is putting up a good fight. He knows that they will have to deal with each other because Simon and Kara are getting married and he is the best man and she is the matron of honor. He envies what Simon and Kara have and he wants that with Maddie. Will he be able to win her heart? Or will he be turned down yet again?

Maddie could not forget Sam he broke her heart. She could not forget how it felt and now she is being “forced” to spend time with him because of her friend Kara’s wedding is coming up. Kara is marrying Sam’s little brother. To make matters worse Sam is bombarding her at her office. He is demanding that she not stay so late and is quite insistent on keeping an eye on her. All this might be endearing if he had not done what he did. Then one night he takes things too far…he takes her home with him when she falls asleep in her office. This may be the tipping point because she is finding it harder and harder to resist the man she will never forget. As her buried feelings begin to surface again she must decide whether taking a leap with the man who once broke her heart is worth it. Will she run back into his willing arms? Or will she continue to hate him for what he did to her?

I enjoyed Sam and Maddie’s story very much. It held so much more than I was expecting. The twists in their story explain a lot that was not explained in Simon and Kara’s story. Heart of the Billionaire shows a soft side to Sam that was not previously shown. I enjoyed his character much more in Heart of the Billionaire. He is a noble character that you love to hate until you realize exactly what went down. I love that he was relentless with Maddie and that he refused to give up on her. I liked Maddie as well she was a good character with a heart of gold. I think I might have felt the same she did about Sam, however I think after all the years that had passed between them I would have given him a chance to explain things. I would have been more curious about it than she was. I would recommend Heart of the Billionaire to anyone who enjoys a good contemporary romance read.

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