His Risk to Take by Tessa Bailey

May 29, 2013 Reviews 0 ★★★★

Oh boy, do I love these books by Tessa Bailey… I am now going to call her the queen of dirty talking, fictional heroes that will knock grown women to their knees – especially after they read His Risk to Take. This was the second book in the Line of duty series, and I absolutely couldn’t get enough of it! With an alpha, sexy male that will have you swooning and sighing (and of course, needing lots and lots of cold showers) to a heroine that can hold her own until the very end, readers will hopelessly fall for the this quick sexy read in just a matter of minutes, guaranteed.

Ruby is a pool hustler. Troy is a cop. Not a good combination usually, but definitely fun to read about! This pair meet at a bar, where instant chemistry ignites between the two of them. Troy knows right away that he wants Ruby. And Troy usually gets what he wants, especially when it comes to women. Ruby, on the other hand, is the epitome of stubborn . . . that is until she meets Troy. She can’t deny him, even if he is what she’s always been told to steer clear of by the bad people in her past. The two can’t deny one another . . . but then soon enough they realize that they have a lot more in common then they ever imagined.

Unfortunately for them, things in common are not always good…

Oh boy… I am in fictional love once again with Ms. Bailey’s alpha hero character. Troy was AWESOME. Seriously. That man lit me on fire with his naughty words and his domineering personality. I wanted nothing more than to jump into my Kindle and take Ruby’s place. But too, it wasn’t just his sexy demeanor I fell for, it was his sweet and loving side that had me swooning. (which he didn’t show all that often) He hid it, like I said, but when it came out . . . phew,  I was a goner for this guy for good.

And there’s Ruby… What I love about Ms. Bailey’s writing style, is the fact that she can create heroines that I want to throw against a wall and then be best friends with at the same time! Sure Ruby made me angry, but she had her reasons and I respected her and choices. She was funny, and brave, and everything I look for in my heroines – even though she had a tendency to frustrate me.

 I am beyond ecstatic that I’ve been able to read the books in this series by this awesome author. Ms. Bailey has definitely climbed my ladder of favorite authors, and let me tell you that ladder is mighty high. It takes a lot for me to truly fall for a set of characters and a story line in a book, and I definitely did both in His Risk to Take. The pace of the story was quick and it got to the point. I wasn’t bogged down with drama, nor was I over emotional either. His Risk to Take was just a simple read that provided me with the three S’s I need in a storyline. (ability to smile, swoon, and sweat for the hero. 🙂 ) What more can a reader ask for, really? Sure, His Risk to Take was shorter than the first book in the series, but I’m a mom of three little girls, so I prefer those reads anyway!

Now, do I recommend this His Risk to Take? Absolutely! The best part is that His Risk to Take was truly a standalone book, and there was no reason to read the first book before diving into this one. (although I still highly do recommend reading book one because it was just that steamy and wonderful.)

Now really, what are you waiting for? Go get His Risk to Take! It’s the perfect escape for a reader in need of a sexy time read with a little bit of action on the side to go with it.

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