Home for the Holidays by Maddie James

June 26, 2010 Reviews 0

Merry Christmas!! Yes, I know it’s only June but after reading Home for the Holidays by Maddie James, I feel like I should be decorating my house, and singing Christmas carols. This novella sure put me into the Christmas season. I just hope that my Christmas will be as hot as Chelly’s. Snowbound in a cabin with a sex man, what more could a girl want for Christmas?

The last thing Chelly Schul wants is to go home for the holidays. She left her hometown of Legend, Tennessee on a wing and a prayer two years earlier and hasn’t returned. Her leaving humiliated her entire family, particularly her sister Suzie, since she ran off with Suzie’s (almost-ex) husband. Legend Police Officer Matt Branson values being alone. Even during the holidays, he enjoys the solitude. Dubbed the town hermit, he tells himself he prefers his “cave” to socializing. His friends say he still pines after that lost love, although he begs to differ.
All that changes the snowy day he pulls over the older model sedan heading into Legend. His gut slams against his backbone as Chelly rolls down the car window and looks up into his eyes.
His high-school sweetheart is back in town-the woman who sent him into his cave in the first place.

When I first started reading Home for the Holidays I have to admit that I wasn’t fond of Chelly. I was holding a grudge against her as if I was Suzie and she stole my husband away from me. But as I read Home for the Holidays Chelly grew on me. By the end I was glad that her family, especially her sister Suzie was able to forgive her and welcome her back home with open arms. When Chelly and her daughters showed up at Suzie’s door after 4 years, Suzie was amazing, and took her in.

Chelly did somethings in her past, but she had to man up and face the people she hurt. She was willing to go back home and work through it to get everyone to forgive her. Fortunately it wasn’t that hard, her family loved her and was willing to give her another chance. That is a family I am sure all of us would love to have. Home for the Holidays had a wonderful message behind the story, it’s never to late to make amends, and forgive someone.

Matt Branson, a sexy police officer for Legend Tennessee, never stopped loving Chelly even when she broke his heart, and took off with Suzie’s ex-husband. I thought Matt was a hardworking, strong character. He built the house that Chelly and him talked about, even though she wasn’t apart of his life. He lived a solitary life, until Chelly came back into his life.

My favorite part of Home for the Holidays is the ending, where Suzie was a sneaky matchmaker. Suzie seems to be a more well rounded character since Brad, and Petey came into her life. I love her life seems so complete now. She has everything she ever wanted and more, especially since her sister is back in Legend.

Home for the Holidays is pack with real romance, and values. This book show you it’s never too late for second chances. Home for the Holidays has engaging characters, that will have you smiling. I would recommend Home to the Holidays to anyone, especially someone who loves second chance stories.

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