Immortal Distraction by Elizabeth Finn

July 17, 2013 Reviews 0 ★★★★★

Immortal Distraction is the second book in Elizabeth Finn’s The Immortals series. It can be read as a standalone novel; however it does mention things from Immortal Protector which is the first book in the series. Immortal Distraction is just as good as Immortal Protector if not better. I look forward to reading the third book in the series as well as other works by Elizabeth Finn. She has a way with words that keeps you enthralled in the world she creates. Immortal Distraction is Angus and Britt’s story.

Angus is one of the leaders of the vampires in his region. He is pretty much the head of the Eastern United States. It is an important role that he takes seriously, even if it means keeping a vampire he does not like out of the line of fire. He must keep Britt from finding out the truth about vampires. If she were to find out the truth it would mean her life…those are the rules and very few exceptions are made. He finds himself inexplicably attracted to this mortal. He can’t deny that she has awakened something in him that has been “dead” for as long as he can remember. He has taken women before but none compared to this fiery detective. She challenges him in a way nobody has, human or vampire. When he realizes he has lost his heart to her it may be too late. Will they be able to spend the rest of her life together? Or will he turn tail and run? Is it possible that they could be together forever? Or is that just a dream that he is hanging onto by a thread?

Britt Sutton is one tough cookie. She has had to be especially in her line of work. She is a homicide detective and needs to be strong and bold in order to get things done. She has built a wall that keeps the world out. She has too because of the things she sees and because of her past. It haunts her even today. Her latest case has her investigating a serial murder that kills young girls and leaves them in the streets. When she comes up with a suspect she must search for evidence to link the murders to him, which in turn leads her to one of the most infuriating men she has ever met. She knows he knows more than he is telling her but for some reason he is not divulging the information. To complicate things off she is mysteriously drawn to the man. Can she draw close to him and still find closure on her case? Or will he distract her?

I really enjoyed reading Immortal Distraction. It was a great read! The plot did not lack and was full of action that keeps you guessing what the characters will do next. I loved Britt’s character a lot. She was a good detective and overcame so many odds. She could have let her circumstances bring her down, instead she used them to rise above the crowd and establish herself. Angus was a fun character as well. I found it funny that Britt challenged him so much. He was a strong character that learns it is ok to open up his heart. Immortal Distraction had good secondary characters as well. They fit into the plot line really well. I found the villain to be disturbing and sinister which made for a good storyline. I would highly recommend Immortal Distraction to those who enjoy reading paranormal romances. You don’t need to read the first book in the series, but I would recommend that you do to get the full scope of the story.

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