Immortal Protector by Elizabeth Finn

June 27, 2013 Reviews 0 ★★★★★

Immortal Protector by Elizabeth Finn is the first installment in The Immortals series. Immortal Protector is a fantastic read that I just could not put down. Immortal Protector grabs you from the first sentence and doesn’t let go of you until you devour the last word. I have never read Elizabeth Finn before but she is now on my list of favorite authors and I can’t wait to read the rest of her books.

Ember’s life would be changed forever on one fateful day…the day she was kidnapped by a pervert bent on killing her. All Ember wanted was her mom and to be home with her. Then something miraculous happens…she is rescued by a tall handsome stranger named Truman. However the only thing she can really remember is being kidnapped and how scared she was. Then years later the mysterious stranger shows up again and yes he rescues her again only to disappear from her life once again. Then when her mother dies Truman shows up once again and he helps with the pain of her passing but their encounter doesn’t last too long. When she is stuck taking a class she should have taken her freshman year of college she finds herself attracted to her mysterious professor. The attraction is deniable and she has visions of the two of them together that are more like memories than fantasies. She can’t understand why until he restores her memory. When he asks her to move with him she is excited but it is short lived because he tells her she can no longer go with him. Ember is devastated and does not understand. How can she get him to see that he needs her as much as she needs him? Will he continue to pop in and out of her life? Or will they live happily ever after?

Truman is a vampire and has been for 300 years. He knows the rules and has always abided by them until her, the sweet innocent child he saved years ago. There is just something about her even back then he could sense it. He is unable to put her out of his mind so he watchers her from the background. Making sure she is safe and grows into adulthood. When she gets into trouble he is there for her. He has rescued her a time or two. Then when her mother dies he can’t help himself he has to be there for her, to hold her and comfort her. He reveals who he is to her and they share a lot of passion together. When it is tie to leave her and return to his life he finds it harder to do than ever before but he must keep her safe. After a couple of years he finds the need to see her growing too strong to fight anymore. He ends up teaching her class and tries to deny their attraction and is unsuccessful which ends up putting her life in danger. He must erase all her memories of him no matter how painful that will be, it is the only thing that will keep her safe. Or so he thought. Danger lurks around every corner because of his involvement with her. Will he be able to save her? Or is she doomed because of him?

Immortal Protector is jammed full of action and full of passionate scenes between Truman and Ember. There are plenty of twists and turns in the plot of Immortal Protector that keep the action going at a good pace. Immortal Protector has a perfect blend of action and romance. I enjoyed Truman’s character a lot. I like that he felt protective of Ember even when she was a child. I think that having him as a protector was a good thing. I liked the bond that was created between them. I also liked that he had morals and didn’t take advantage of her when he could have. I liked Ember too her character was believable for the most part. I am not sure that I could have lived a normal life after being traumatized at ten. There were also some good villainous characters in Immoral Protector. They used others and to get what they wanted. Especially when it came to Truman, Ember was a pawn they tried to use to control him. I would highly recommend Immortal Protector to anyone who enjoys paranormal romances with a fast moving plot.

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