Kindred Blood, III: The First by Dawné Dominique

May 21, 2013 Reviews 0 ★★★★★

Kindred Blood, III: The First by Dawne’ Dominique is the third installment in The First series. Kindred Blood, III: The First picks up where Dark Diary II: The First left off. After Aiden and Daniella took care of the vampire behind the serial murders things seemed alright but their new found happiness may be in jeopardy. When they travel to England to take care of business they may get more than they bargained for?

Daniella feels really bad for the loss in the Talbot family and she is not just going to send condolences she is going to visit them in England. She also has some business to take care of while she is there and the Talbot’s have been key in handling her business for many hundreds of years. They are one of the few humans she does trust. They have proven themselves trustworthy. When they get to England there are a few surprises waiting for her and Aiden, starting with him being kidnapped. Who is behind the kidnapping? How will she find him?

Daniella hires Spencer Daltan, a local private investigator, to help her find Aiden. She knew that he was the one to hire from the moment she saw him. She could sense that he was trustworthy and that he would do anything necessary to find Aiden. They had a certain kinship from the beginning. Dalton was good at helping her find the facts that will lead her to Aiden. He was also good at not asking too many questions that she didn’t want to answer. During the time they spend together they develop a deep friendship she cares about him. When they both come face to face with danger what will happen? Will he pay the price for their friendship? Will she be left feeling guilty for another life? Or will they be able to save Aiden?

I really enjoyed Kindred Blood, III The First. It was full of action just like the previous two installments in The First series. I enjoyed the new characters as well. I think that Dalton was a good addition to the cast. He was a good guy and he was good at his job. I think he fit well into the storyline. I am not sure that I would not ask a ton of questions in his place though. He suspected things were not quite as they seemed and I think I would just come out and ask Daniella what was going on point blank. Kindred Blood, III The First was a book that kept me turning the pages because there was no loll in the plot. I would highly recommend Kindred Blood, The First to anyone who enjoys paranormal romances that are fast paced and full of action.

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