Kiss Across Chains by Tracy Cooper-Posey

July 5, 2013 Reviews 0 ★★★★★

Ever since “Back to the Future” and learning about the space-time continuum, I have been fascinated with time travel. “Twilight” and “True Blood” created a love of vampires. Put them together and you have the terrific “Kiss Across Time” series by Tracy Cooper-Posey. The third installment, Kiss Across Chains, is an excellent addition to an already wonderful series.

After having read the first two books in the series, I could not wait to get started on Kiss Across Chains. I already knew that I loved the three main characters – Taylor, Veris and Body. Veris and Brody are vampires who have been together more than 1,000 years. Taylor is the human who completes this triad.

I absolutely loved the triad relationship. Taylor had her own special connection with each guy and Veris and Brody had their own special bond. While I am not typically a fan of M/M romance, I was completely won over by the tender caring between the heroes.  Veris is an intellectual, but dominant personality. Brody is the romantic of the group despite his current role as the lead singer for a death metal band. Both men may be vampires, but they freely admit that Taylor is the powerful one in their relationship. Her love binds the three together and ensures that neither one gives up no matter what obstacles they may face.

Kiss Across Chains also provides a nice history lesson as the three are transported back in time to Constantinople and the chariot races of ancient Rome. Ms. Cooper-Posey’s writing transported me back in time as well and I felt the tension and fear as Brody returned to his greatest nightmare, being a slave and driving In the races. The abuses that Brody faced as a slave were horrific. I was brought to tears myself as Taylor struggled to hold back her own pain after seeing Brody beaten, starved and desolate. As the triad raced against time to fix the timeline, I felt the tension all the way to my toes.

In fact, throughout the book I found myself in a quandary. I desperately wanted to turn the page and see what was going to happen next; at the same time I was scared to turn the page because I was worried if this time jump was going to be the one that would permanently mess up the timeline. My head knew that as a romance novel, Kiss Across Chains had to have a happy ending. But my heart still felt the tension. I was on the edge of my seat throughout the book and I consider that a wonderful gift for a reader. That is the greatest compliment that I can give to a book and an author.

Kiss Across Chains can best be appreciated if you read the other books first. Each book provides a look into a different character’s past. Kiss Across Time starts it all explaining how the three came to be together. In Kiss Across Swords, Veris and Taylor travel back into Veris’ past and unwittingly change the course of Veris’ life. The trio then travels back in time to when Veris and Brody meet but Taylor’s presence complicates the situation and Taylor and Brody must fix things in order to ensure that the triad’s relationship is not permanently destroyed. Kiss Across Chains is the final installment; or is it? At the end of the book, Ms. Cooper-Posey includes a few pages that hint at more stories for the triad’s friend Alexander. I hope that this is case because I truly enjoyed this series and was sad for it to end. Kiss Across Chains is a must read for any fan of paranormal romance.

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