Love at High Tide by Christi Barth

July 14, 2013 Reviews 0 ★★★★

Love at High Tide by Christi Barth is a contemporary romance read that is full of fun characters, good storylines, and a couple of twists. I enjoyed reading Cooper and Darcy’s story. Love at High Tide had more than just romance as well and that enhanced the story. I would read more books by Christi Barth because I enjoyed Love at High Tide so much.

Darcy just finished her latest project and has been offered a job in Africa. Her parents want her to take the opportunity because it would look good on them; however Trina is not sure exactly what she wants to do with her life right now. When her best friend Trina talked her into taking a vacation the last thing she was looking for was love, however sometimes life throws curve balls that you don’t expect. When she nearly drowns she is rescued by Cooper and she is attracted to the man right away. He seems mutually attracted to her but she knows it can’t go anywhere, especially since she is considering taking the job in Africa. When she runs into him again and he asks her on a date she figures why not there is no harm in a summer fling. The only problem is she is falling head over heels for him. When her best friend gets them into a sticky situation she relies on his instincts as a cop. When push comes to shove will she choose a job? Or will she choose love?

Cooper is a former cop who dreamed of being in the secret service. He would have succeeded too if it were not for his knee. He needed to figure out what he wants to do from here. So his family suggested he go to their beach house and think about it, and he decides that is the best thing he could do. He isn’t there too long when he has the pleasure of saving Darcy from nearly drowning. It does not take rocket science to see that they have chemistry. He would love to pursue things with her but he finds out that she is scheduled to leave for Africa soon. He figures he will enjoy what time they have together. He does not feel that it is his place to tell her how he feels because he does not want to influence her decision to stay or to go. He wants her to stay because she wants to stay. Will the time they have together convince her to stay? Or will she follow in the steps her parents have ordained for her?

I really enjoyed reading Love at High Tide. I enjoyed all the characters. I especially loved the relationship between Darcy and Trina. I love how the two of them support each other no matter what. I also loved the fact that they were “partners in crime”. They would run off on each others wild tangents. I liked Darcy’s character because she was successful and because she finally realized what she wanted to do and pursued it not matter what her parents would think. I liked Cooper as well. I think the fact that he had to overcome his “shortcomings” and figure out who he was and what he wanted to do with the rest of his life made for a good story line. I would recommend Love at High Tide to readers of contemporary romance.

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