The Marine Cowboy by Heather Long

January 6, 2013 Reviews 0

2940016160443_p0_v1_s260x420A Marine who’s also a cowboy. Do I need to say any more? A.J. Turner exemplifies all the good traits in both. He is  The Marine Cowboy, and he perfectly fits the unique list of qualities Sherri Vaughn put on her application to Madam Eve’s One Night Stand dating service. When Sherri first see A.J. walk into Grady’s Bar and Grill he steals her breath and makes her wet.

Turning down a billet at Mike’s Place in Dallas, Sergeant A.J. Turner left Iraq for Freewill, Wyoming with one goal in mind—to forget the last five years. Trading his MARPATS for jeans and his cover for a cowboy hat, he plans to work his ranch and pray the green grass, tall trees, and sweet mountains can wash away the taste of the desert. The last thing he expected was a reminder of a promise made to his buddies: one night to help them all start again.Sheri Vaughn quit her corporate job, sold her house and moved to Freewill on a whim. Six months after her divorce, she’s hardly ready to put her toe in the dating waters again. One bottle of wine later, however, she signs up for Madame Eve’s exclusive 1Night Stand service and lists a very particular set of qualities she wants in a man; he must be honorable, courageous, forthright, single, have served as Marine, but be a cowboy at heart. If she wants to dream, at least she can dream big. But when local hero A.J. Turner arrives home, Madame Eve comes through, and Sheri has to find the courage to make her dream a reality…Can one night, even a night arranged by Madame Eve, fulfill both a promise and a dream?

Sherri’s confidence is in pieces. Her former husband had multiple affairs and she is terrified of making the same mistake twice. But, Sherri has always thought that Marine’s were honorable men. They display their honor in serving their country, so that should extend to their private lives too, right? A.J. makes her want to find out. But, she’s not sure one night will be enough. When she looks at A.J. she dreams of forever in his arms.

AJ. noticed the pretty librarian the moment he came back to town. It seems she is every where he goes. So many of his friends have found someone special to love, and he thinks Sherri may be that one for him. But first he has to deal with the One Night Stand he signed up for in solidarity with the men of his unit. He can’t believe it when sweet, shy Sherri turns out to be that date.

If you follow my reviews, you already know that I love the Always a Marine series. The Cowboy Marine is no exception. Every story just seems to get better. Amazing. I really loved The Cowboy Marine. A.J. was your typical alpha Marine/cowboy: strong of body and mind, loyal, honorable, hard working. He is proud to have served his country, but glad to be back home, seeing and living the life he fought for. I really liked the fact that he had seen and been interested in Sherri before their date. It enhanced the romance a lot for me, because I knew going in the their coming together would definitely be more than a one night stand.

Sherri really impressed me. Instead of falling apart over the failure of her marriage, she moves on and starts a whole new chapter. She remakes her life, giving up what some people would deem a “fabulous” career, for life as a small town librarian. But, she is doing what makes her happy. It make take a bottle of liquid courage for her to sign up with Madame Eve, but again she does it and follows through, despite her reservations and fears. I loved her positive outlook on life, and her lack of bitterness over her divorce. She  excepts responsibility for her roll in her failed marriage, and that is important to me, it takes two people to fail at marriage and all too often in romance novels the heroine is portrayed as simply the victim.  Plus Sherri always has a book at hand, and we readers just have to stick together!

The Marine Cowboy is a truly enjoyable combination of hot, sweet, sexy and funny. I would highly recommend The Marine Cowboy and the Always A Marine series to all lovers of contemporary romance.

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