Page 93 by Maggie Montgomery

March 19, 2012 Reviews 0

Page 93 by Maggie Montgomery is a sweet snowy river romance. I enjoyed reading about Raelyn and Alec. It was the snow that brought the two together. Their pain and past would try to keep them apart but would their sizzling passion and mutual attraction bring them together?
Raelynn’s new neighbor doesn’t understand Southern snow. When he tries backing out of his driveway and ends up with his rear bumper in Rae’s gardenia bushes, what else can she do but invite him to dinner? And when his nearness makes her head buzz, and his unexpected kisses make fireworks go off behind her eyes, what else can she do but kiss him back? The attraction is mutual and hot, but there’s nothing simple about the situation. Rae’s been avoiding relationships since her husband of ten years left her for another man, and Alec is still getting past losing his wife in a car accident.
Even if Alec is ready to move on and Rae can get over the self-doubts that plague her, they’re neighbors. An affair could make neighborhood block parties incredibly awkward. Still, they can’t resist and the result is the most incredible sex of Rae’s life. She’s never had anyone read her an erotic short story and she’s sure never tried some of the positions in Alec’s little book. But will the fire behind this red-hot, snow-blind, cabin fever fling burn out when the snow melts or will they make it all the way through Alec’s little book?
Publisher’s Note: This book contains explicit sexual situations, graphic language, and material that some readers may find objectionable: anal play/intercourse.
Raelyn was happily married, or at least that is what she had thought, turns out her ex was gay. Only one good thing had come out of their union and that was their beautiful daughter. Its not that her ex was a bad guy like some guys out there. He adored their daughter and they shared custody. After their divorce she had sworn off men. She was happy with just herself and her daughter, but fate had another plan for her. When her new neighbor could not resist going out in the snow his car ends up in her front yard. When he comes to her door she invites him in. He knows a lot about her because it is a small town and people talk. They hit it off right away and enjoy each other’s company. When he kisses her it kind of scares them both and then he leaves. When she finds that she can’t stop thinking about him she is not sure she likes that. After all she has her daughter to think of. When the snow prevents her daughter from coming home from her dad’s they decide to spend more time together. What they find is that there is a chemistry that they can’t deny. They ignite a fire in each other that neither of them expected. Can it last beyond the weekend? Or will they go back to their lives and pretend it never happened?
Alec is new in town and he isn’t familiar the weather when he decides to go get something from the store. He loses control of his car and ends up in his neighbor’s yard. He has heard a lot about Raelyn because it is a small town and everybody knows everybody. In fact a lot of them have suggested they hook up. She is the only one that has not come to greet him he has only seen her from across the way. He knows that she has awakened something inside him that he thought was long dead. He thought it died the day his wife did. So he wasn’t surprised that he wanted to take her in his arms the minute she opened the door. They seemed to get along well he wants to spend more time with her. When he kisses her and things get a little out of hand he is uncomfortable and bolts. When he thinks about it he thinks that maybe there is something there that is worth exploring. As they spend time together over a snowy weekend their feelings begin to bloom. He begins to show her that there is more to life then what she is content with. He also teachers her a few new tricks in the bedroom. He is not sure that they will work out especially when things are moving so fast. Can he lay his heart on the line? Or are the two of them better off separated?
I enjoyed reading Page 93 the characters were lovable and very easy to identify with. I thought the neighbors were comical and definitely reflected life in a small town. They had the town gossip and the judgmental woman who was always on a high horse. I found it funny that the town pretty much shut down when ever it snowed. Alec was an interesting character. I liked how he opened Raelyn up to whole new possibilities. He showed her what life could be like outside her protective bubble. I could understand why Raelyn was afraid to trust her judgment in men after her first husband ended up being gay but I could not understand cutting herself off from the idea of finding a new one like she did. I was glad that Alec was able to open her eyes to what she could have. I would recommend Page 93 to anyone who enjoys contemporary romances. So kick back and relax with some coffee or hot coco and enjoy Page 93 why don’t you?

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