Sex Magick by Laura Stamps

July 17, 2010 Reviews 0

Laura Stamps’ Rune Witch Trilogy gets a running start with Sex Magick. Noelle and Wynn are such an eclectic couple. I really enjoyed Sex Magick, it was the quick and fun read.

Noelle Wylie is a Rune Witch, and at thirty-five, she’s got it all. This year she bought her dream home. Then she let Wynn, her darkly handsome, shapeshifter boyfriend move in. One evening Wynn gives Noelle a book on “sex magick.” Intrigued, she decides to give it a try. However, just as she experiences some of the best sex of her life, she discovers Wynn has a hidden agenda. Uh-oh!

I loved Wynn, he was so easy going, and comfortable in his own skin. Laura Stamps has a way of making Wynn sound so unbelievable sexy, with his long black hair, that you want him in your bedroom. Wynn is also a cat shapeshifter, purrifict.

Noelle, is on the short side at only 5 feet, but she has a strong personality that it makes up for it. She has a goth look going on with her short dark spiky hair, and it works for her. She is 35, and has avoided any long term relationships until she met Wynn.

One of my favorite things about Noelle and Wynn was how playful they were with each other. That is something every committed couple needs. The only thing I didn’t care for was that Noelle and Wynn decide to cast a sex magick spell to help her stock portfolio. I guess I had a problem with that because using magic to gain money seemed like stealing to me, and against everything I believe in. But boy does the casting o the spell sound steamy.

Sex Magick is very descriptive but I never felt that Laura Stamps went over the edge. There are some sizzling  and steamy scenes, that will leave you needing a cold shower. But there is a lot of typical day stuff int he book such as shopping and cooking, that I am not really convinced needed to be there. It was nice hearing about their everyday life, but it seemed to miss something. I did really enjoy how the magic was interwoven throughout Sex Magick.

The cliff hanger will leave you wondering what happened to Noelle to make her avoid long term relationships. What will happen now that Wynn wants to marry her? It will leave you wanting the next book immediately.

Overall I enjoyed this novella and I look forward to reading Bewitched at the Beach and The Harvest Moon. I am dying to know if Wynn can convince Noelle to marry him. Sex Magick was a unique read and I would recommend it to any erotica book lover.

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  1. Karen

    Sounds good to me – just downloaded the whole series to my iPad 🙂 $1.99 each!! Can’t go wrong there. Thanks for providing the handy links!!


    I hope you enjoy them. Bewitched at the Beach review will be up tomorrow and The Harvest Moon on Monday followed by an interview and giveaway with Laura Stamps so stop back.


    Thank you Julianne. If you check back tomorrow (Monday), Laura Stamps will be here for an interview. She is also doing a giveaway.

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