The Billionaire’s Obsession by J.S. Scott

June 11, 2013 Reviews 0 ★★★★

The Billionaire’s Obsession by J.S. Scott is an anthology of four consecutive stories in her Billionaire series. The Billionaire’s Obsession is centered around Simon and Kara’s story. The titles in the book are: Mine for Tonight, Mine for Now, Mine Forever, and Mine Completely. Each story starts where the last one left off so The Billionaire’s Obsession reads like a novel rather than four separate novellas.

Kara’s life has been hard but she doesn’t complain. She lost her parents when she was a teen and she has had to rely on herself since then. She gets by but just barely. All of that is about to change. Her life changes drastically the night she meets Simon, her boss’s son. He comes to her rescue like she is a damsel in distress. He rescues her from a pretty bad situation and she is grateful but she doesn’t want to take advantage of his kindness. When she starts falling in love with Simon she is scared because she is afraid that he cannot give her what she needs in return. He showers her with gifts and is taking good care of her but she desires something other than material goods and money. Can she get past all the money and material things to his heart? Or will she be disappointed?
Simon is a self-made billionaire. He and his brother built their empire from the ground up. He can have anything he wants and for a while that has been a fling or two here and there. He has never wanted anything more until he saw her, Kara, working at his mother’s restaurant. He was drawn to her and he wanted to get to know her. He keeps his distance but he keeps his eye on her. When she falls on hard times he wants to help her. So he offers her his home and the support she needs to finish her schooling up. He figured he could get her out of his system while she was there but that wasn’t true. The longer she was there the more he was losing his heart to her. The longer she stayed the more he wanted her to be in his life forever. He has some personal demons to slay to do so but he doesn’t want to lose her. Will he be able to get over his past to gain a future with her? Or will he let the past get in the way of their love?

I really enjoyed The Billionaire’s Obsession it had a good plot and well developed characters. I enjoyed the main characters along with the secondary ones. Once I started The Billionaire’s Obsession I could not put it down. I am looking forward to reading more books by J.S. Scott. My favorite characters were Kara and Simon. Simon was a good man even though he had emotional scars that had to heal before he could really enjoy a relationship with Kara. He never disrespected her and really was her knight in shining armor. Kara’s character was down to earth and hard working. She had a good outlook on life and was easy to identify with. I liked that she was not a gold digger and didn’t take advantage of Simon like so many other women would. I like how she brought out the good in Simon and that she was able to maintain herself throughout the relationship and that she didn’t get lost in the world of wealth…she was well grounded. I would recommend The Billionaire’s Obsession to anyone who enjoys erotic romances.

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