The Clientele by Jason Walker

May 3, 2013 Reviews 0 ★★★★

The Clientele by Jason Walker is a delightful glimpse into the world of BDSM. The Clientele takes the stories of several different couples and links them together in the setting of a BDSM club. How will the club change each of their lives? Will interacting with one another change who they are? Or will their lives remain the same?

Jack and Lila are not your typical vanilla couple. They lead an active BDSM life. They belong to a club where they can enhance the lifestyle they choose to live. When they meet some of the new clientele their lives may be changed forever. What will they learn about themselves? About the life they choose to live? And what will they learn about their relationship?

When Scott meets two women and both them of them seem to be the women of his dreams he is not sure what to do. When he tells them about his tastes in the bedroom he is surprised that they want to try it out together with him. They all seem to be perfect for each other so they decided to try out the club to explore more of their relationship together. Will the club serve their purpose or will they learn that they have some work to do?

Bud and Yara have been married for a while and happily. They are celebrating their anniversary and they have surprises for each other. One of which is a night at the exclusive BDSM club. They want to explore new areas in their love life. Will the club expand their horizons? Or will they go back to the vanilla life they have been living? Will the people they meet influence their life? Or will they influence the life of those around them?

The Clientele is an excellent read. I enjoyed reading it more than Bad Girl and I can understand why he has been deemed “Master of BDSM Erotica”. I would most definitely read more books by this author. My favorite characters in the book were Bud and Yara. I like that they were happily married and wanting to try something new. I felt that they were believable characters. I also enjoyed all the other characters on so many levels. I like the interaction between all the characters at the club. I thought the interaction was great. I liked that Jack and Lisa found a new spark at the club as well. It goes to show that intimacy can grow now matter how long you have been together. The Clientele is a good book that is sure to please readers of BDSM erotica. I would recommend it to those who are looking for a glimpse into this world and for those who love romantic BDSM reads.

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