The Harvest Moon by Larua Stamps

July 19, 2010 Reviews 0

The Harvest Moon was a wonderful ending to The Rune Witch trilogy. Laura Stamps really turns up the heat in The Harvest Moon.

After their neighbor, Savannah, has her a handfasting/wedding, Noelle and Wynn are left in charge of cleaning up Savannah’s house. Of course, all work and no play threatens to make Noelle a cranky girl. Horrors! Thankfully, Wynn isn’t about to let that happen, so he seduces her with edible bubble bath, light bondage, sex, sex, and more sex. Everything is coming up roses for those two until Noelle discovers she’s let the cat out of the bag. Kinda.

Wynn is as sexy as ever in The Harvest Moon. He is still trying to convince Noelle to marry him but he feels he has almost there so he has someone design rings for them. He is a man of many talents, he can get Noelle to beg for the release only he can give her, but he can also save the day when little Re (Savannah’s cat) goes missing.

I loved that Noelle finally opened up and admitted how she feels about Wynn, and gives Wynn an answer to his proposal. They make the perfect match, and I am glad that Noelle finally realized that.

Erotica loves this has plenty of sizzling hot scenes, that you will love. I don’t believe there is a room untouched by their activities throughout The Rune Witch trilogy. Throughout the series I loved the chemistry between Noelle and Wynn. Overall The Harvest Moon was a wonderful ending to the series. Oh and I have to say I love the cover.

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