The Panther’s Lair by Esmerelda Bishop

June 14, 2010 Reviews 0

Sexy men, amazing sex, and red furry handcuffs what more could a girl want? You agree, then you need to pick up The Panther’s Lair, it is hot and steamy and I am not just talking about the mind-blowing sex.

Men are only good for one thing. Sydney Chase may have sworn off relationships-but she still has needs. So she heads to the Panther’s Lair in search of sex: no strings, no emotions. The club owner, dark, mysterious Raimond Decoudreau, is exactly what she’s looking for-his French accent alone makes her hot. Fortunately, his mouth has other sinful talents, as well…
After just one night with Sydney, Raimond knows she’s his. And when the time is right, when she loves him in return, he’ll reveal his deepest secret. For now, he’ll enjoy pleasuring her in the most intimate of ways.
But when Sydney’s life is threatened, Raimond’s instincts take control, and she gets a glimpse at the beast within…

Sydney has has a string of bad luck when it comes to men, and after her ex hit her she swore to have only no strings attached sex. But her plans fall flat when she goes to Panther’s Lair with her best friend, looking for a one night stand, instead she finds Raimond.

I loved Sydney. She was so full of life, and took charge of her sex life. Many women could learn a few things from her. She is a strong character who wouldn’t stay in an abusive relationship.

Now Raimond, oh my, after you finish reading The Panther’s Lair you will want to find your own Raimond. Raimond is such a French gentleman, he is smart, and knows how to go about getting what he wants. I loved how protective of Sydney he was. I could picture him standing there staying sweet nothings to Sydney in French. I guess I have a thing for French men, they are just too sexy with their amazing accents. I was thrilled that he find his mon ame soeur (his soul mate) is Sydney. They made such a wonderful couple.

The Panther’s Lair won’t disappoint you. It is definitely a must read.

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