Under His Command By Kristine Cayne

March 1, 2013 Reviews 0 ★★★★★

I am a big fan of BDSM books, and I know they are not for all. However, Under His Command is a wonderfully written book with a realistic background. Under His Command actually breaks down and explains certain aspects of the BDSM lifestyle. If you were ever curious or love a steamy read this is your book!

Jamie and Erica meet at a bar, have a one night stand, and bam she is pregnant. End of story right? No that is just the beginning.

After five years of marriage, one year of separation, and a near tragedy Jamie and Erica finally decide to take the much need honeymoon that they missed. Once the problems of the outside world are away they start discussing what brought them together in the first place. Before Erica, Jamie was a Dom, he never thought Erica would enjoy the lifestyle so he let it go…for her. Erica loved the first night where Jamie was dominant, but was scared to talk to him about it. Here lies the start of their problems. As they talk and Jamie explains and experiments they grow closer, and realize they didn’t marry for the wrong reasons…they married for love.

Erica is a very neat, well organized, has her life planned type of girl. I loved her for being strong and open minded to this unique lifestyle. Erica is a strong willed woman and knows what she wants. Her husband to be her Dom in the bedroom and her partner in marriage. Jamie is a fire fighter who puts his life on the line everyday. He is self assured in all things, but his marriage. Jamie fights for his wife, and helps to bring passion back into their marriage. I found Jamie to be a very refreshing Dom character. He was not, “I am the Dom you listen.” He actually explained the lifestyle to his wife, and let her have and make the choice. I found this to be a very nice change from some of the BDSM books right now!

I obviously LOVED this book! Kristine Cayne wrote a real life romance for me, and I devoured it! Under His Command was very refreshing to read because it was a story of a struggling couple, and how they worked it out…together. Under His Command is a an Erotic Romance BDSM story, but I would recommend this book to all who love and enjoy a sexy read.

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  1. Kristine Cayne

    Kayla, I’m thrilled that you enjoyed Jamie and Erica’s struggle to achieve trust and communication in their marriage. Thank you so much for the wonderful review!

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