Under Pressure by Laurie Roma

June 27, 2013 Reviews 0 ★★★★

Under Pressure by Laurie Roma is the first book of the IAD Agency series. It has all the ingredients of a great book – a feisty heroine, an alpha male, passion and drama. I could not put this book down.

Under Pressure begins when Jason and Bella meet at a charity event.  It’s instant lust for these two which quickly turns into instant love. I am not usually a fan of this type of plot point, but the connection between these two was written so believably that I was willing to suspend disbelief that two people could fall head over heels in love in just days. In fact, I must confess to a bit of jealousy because Jason is exactly the type of man that I could fall in love with. Beyond being handsome and rich, he is caring, considerate and protective.

I enjoyed Bella as a heroine. Despite her horrific attack by a stalker, she refused to see herself as a victim. She was strong and independent and had no problem speaking her mind despite being surrounded by alpha males. Her warmth and generosity of spirit ensured that everyone she met fell in love with her, even the hardened warriors of the IAD.

Under Pressure offered something a little bit different from the typical romance. There was no conflict between the hero and heroine. Their relationship was as perfect as one could hope for. Each loved the other in an unselfish manner. Bella wanted to love and take care of Jason; Jason wanted to love and protect Bella. When there was any type of disagreement, the couple communicated their concerns and they reached an understanding that resolved the problem. And Jason was never too manly to admit if he was wrong. As a reader, I appreciated this difference. Ms. Roma was able to provide enough tension with Bella’s stalker to keep the story moving at a fast pace.

Bella has three older, very protective brothers which provided for some hilarious moments. And Ms. Roma does such a wonderful job describing the other members of the IAD Agency, it brings the story to life. I am sure that the other members will make further appearances in the series and I can’t wait to read more about them.

Under Pressure was almost perfect – just one flaw prevented me from giving it five stars. Ms. Roma did such a remarkable job of building the suspense that I was disappointed by the quick resolution of the stalker situation. As Bella herself said, “It just seems sort of anticlimactic.”

Under Pressure is Ms. Roma’s first book and it’s an impressive start. If the rest of her books are like Under Pressure, I expect Ms. Roma to have a long and successful career.

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